Who’s The Crazy One?

Presidential candidate Donald Trump has called for a moratorium on Muslim immigration until we can figure out why Islamic terrorists have been able to enter our country and devised ways to protect ourselves. This has caused the left and right establishments to dogpile on Trump. Echoing the sentiments of virtually all Democrats and many Republicans, a Washington Post editorial has declared that Trump’s proposal disqualifies him as a candidate because in the Post’s view what he recommends is unconstitutional and therefore un-American. But President Obama has issued executive orders – as it happens orders that sabotage our borders – that he himself has called unconstitutional (“I don’t have the authority to stop deportations”). Has the Post editorialized that this is un-American and disqualifies him for the presidency? Has it called for Obama to be impeached? Have Democrats ridiculed Obama for his un-American prescriptions?

  • Xavier

    Trump’s idea may be unconstitutional and unworkable, but it springs from a desire that is honorable and patriotic.

    Carter deported Iranian students, legally. FDR put American citizens in internment camps, legally. Congress has the power to deny any group entry into the US, provided they do it legally.

    Unconstitutional my ass. Horowitz doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

    • Donald is a genius. Muslims are as stupid as a rock.

      Donald started a long overdue talk about the reality of Islam.

      What are the chances there will be zero Islamic terror attacks between now and the election next year?

      Every Islamic terror attack is HUGE free advertising for Trump.

      For every Islamic terror attack, Donald’s share of the vote will go up.

      You can be sure some, stupid Islamic fruitcake, terror attack, will put Trump’s voter base over the top.

      Islamic jihadis will in essence help vote Trump into the presidency.

      Donald, you are a genius.

    • Maggat

      Yes, not to many realize the law actually is on Trump’s side.

  • Ed

    The left has seized on international instability to import democrat voters. They imagine that the unpolished lefties with their unique ideas on the status of women, gays etc. can be controlled. We’ll see.

  • simus1

    Wapo is the jv NYT.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Trump is opposed by everyone except the people.

  • Maggat

    The exert from MattBracken is a serious and frightening read. I would like to think that all a Canadian has to do is get beer and popcorn and to watch, but I am convinced the shiny pony has turned us into participant in the upcoming tragedy.

  • Gary

    No doubt that the next jihad slaughter will be blame on Trump for provoking a peaceful muslim and not that it’s another example to make Trump’s point.