Where Is The UK’s Terror-Arrest Capital?

Analysis of terrorism arrests over the last two years shows the vast majority of those detained were in the larger police force areas. Not all that surprising, given that those forces police the biggest population centres.

Sky News-acquired data reveals arrests occurred within 21 force areas.

  • tom_billesley

    From this year’s Capital of Terror, the training of the next generation:

    Three illegal schools shut down in Birmingham were found to have ‘anti-Semitic, homophobic and misogynistic’ texts, and were teaching in ‘filthy’ conditions.
    Ofsted inspectors reported that 94 pupils were being taught by adults who had not been suitably checked or cleared to work with children.
    Conditions in one of the locations were described as ‘unhygienic and filthy’.
    The schools, which are now under investigation, were offering a narrow Islamic-based curriculum in buildings with serious fire risks.

    A community cohesion award would have gone to the Birmingham Mail for excluding from the article the word “muslim” but they let themselves down by letting slip a solitary reference to “islamic”.