Syrians Aren’t Like Holocaust Victims, They Think the Holocaust was a Good Thing

Syrians think the Holocaust was awesome and the Jews had it coming.

  • No Liberal!

    Just like Prime Sinister Turdeau’s top advisors Omar Alghabra and Alexandre Emmanuel “Sacha” Trudeau.

    • JoKeR
    • Gary

      Omar was close to CAIR when he was at the CAF while they both handed out Leaflets telling muslims to not help the FBI or RCMP in Canada.
      Sheema Khan was asked about this at the Arar Inquiry since it inferred that she was coaching muslims to allow terrorism acts at the same time she was going on the CBC to do dawah and tell us islam condemns Terrorsim and that 99.99% of the muslims are peaceful .
      Khan told the Judge that she was just letting muslims know about their Rights to remain silent and refuse to help the RCMP .

      Keep this in mind when the mosques start to be bombed because Sheema Khan will defend your Right to not help the RCMP , so will Omar Alghabra which will make Justin look even more of a dolt when the Media asks Justin about the progress on making arrests for mosque bombing and he tell them that witnesses don’t have to help the RCMP find the terrorists.
      Omar the jew-hater was at the CAF which claimed that 80%+ muslims in Canada support Hezballah’s terrorism on Israel ( this statement was made on a radio show during the 2006 hezballah war ) .

  • G P

    The sign should tell you everything you need to know about islam.

  • simus1

    A close parallel to this scenario would have been if Hitler had not gone to war in 1939 and the German economy had imploded in 1941 from the huge deficits he had fathered.Civil war begins between the nazis and German communists/international volunteers. Jews are being exterminated. nazis, communists, and gangsters of every description are looking for greener pastures abroad. Prime Minister MacKenzie King announces “We are going to take all nazis and communists who wish to come here no questions asked. They are just the kind of fine people who can help us end this terrible Great Depression.”