Impoverished and ‘abandoned’ Calais turns to National Front

The crisis-hit northern French city of Calais is at the epicentre of far-right National Front (FN) leader Marine Le Pen’s seemingly unstoppable drive to become an indelible part of the mainstream French political landscape.

Blighted by chronic unemployment and widespread poverty, the port city is also home to the notorious “Jungle” camp on the outskirts of town, home to some 6,000 migrants who dream of making it across the channel to England. On the streets of the old city of Calais, the migrants are few and far between. They tend to stay in the “Jungle” and when they do venture into town, most try to keep a low profile.

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    “….the migrants….try to keep a low profile.”

    Yeah, sssssuuuuuurrree they do. More fearless truth telling from the press.
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