Foued Mohamed-Aggad failings teach France to seek jihadis closer to home

The identification of the third gunman at the Bataclan theatre as a 23 year-old Frenchman has served to underline the mostly homegrown nature of the 13 November Paris attacks.

At the same time, the naming of Foued Mohamed-Aggad raises more questions over whether the principal western response – the bombing of Islamic State (Isis) targets in Syria – is either appropriate or effective. Almost all the 13 November attackers travelled to Syria and fought or trained for a few weeks or months prior to the assault on Paris, but it is far from clear whether additional bombing would have prevented or dissuaded them from going.

  • Dana Garcia

    The lesson should be that Muslims don’t assimilate to western values and they should be kept out. Quarantine them to the Middle East and Indonausea.

    • The lesson should be, Islamic theology is toxic.

      Islamic theology should not be allowed to be taught or preached without significant reformation.

      It is clearly obvious, a “religion” that encourages devout followers to commit violence will get a lot of violence.

      Islamic theology is the problem. It is that simple.

    • Maggat

      Indonausea, I like that. Spent some time in Ache province so that seems to fit.

      • Dana Garcia

        It just popped into my mind as I was typing. Thanks, subconscious!

  • Blacksmith

    Why the F$%K they let these vermin back in after they have been to any pisslamist shit hole never ceases to amaze me.

  • Minicapt

    First, we must consider the question “Why is the Guardian so inane?”


  • Maggat

    A properly applied aerial bomb will certainly have dissuaded them from traveling anywhere. In any form, other than a reddish mist.