The left is to blame for the creation of Donald Trump

“…When the political left refuses to identify where Islamic terrorism comes from, what drives it or what it can even be called, it leaves the ground wholly open for anyone else to do or say anything they want. Far from being blunt tools or broad brushstrokes, referring to ‘Islamic extremism’ or ‘Islamism’ makes an obvious and conscious effort to put down a delineating line between non-extreme Muslims and the extremists from their faith. Yet many Muslim organisations, among others, reject this. Groups like the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) expend all their energy berating anyone who makes this delineation and pretends that people exercising such care are in fact ‘tarring all Muslims’. What such Muslim groups seem not to realise is that this in turn makes people suspicious of all Muslims. ‘Why are these Muslim groups pretending that any and all critics of the jihadists are saying something they are not? Maybe all Muslims are in fact jihadists?’ is a conclusion some people will find themselves pushed to.

It is the same with the question of immigration and demographics. In recent decades left-wing opinion has worked to make it impossible to discuss such issues without being called a ‘racist’. Worrying about what percentage of Muslims might be extreme or attracted towards extremism has also been turned into a ‘racist’, ‘bigoted’ and ‘Islamophobic’ discussion. Yet mass immigration from the Muslim world into liberal democracies at a time when the Muslim world is undergoing a succession of civil wars is a terrible idea. At the same time, keeping all Muslims out or barring Muslim Americans from returning home from their holidays is obviously not the solution either, not least because it would deprive decent people who are concerned about this fight of some of our most knowledgeable, brave and committed allies.”

  • john s

    Nope, the republicans created Trump. If the republicans had actually represented their base, their base would not need to reject them now would they. We all know the left is riddled with stupidity, cynicism, political correctness and an addiction to big government. Unfortunately, the same is true of the establishment republicans. Worse, the main difference between dems and GOP is that the latter is ashamed of who they represent.

  • tom_billesley

    Had there been a ban on muslims entering the US in 1971, it might have stopped Obama travelling from Indonesia to Hawaii.