Overnight Thread…

I vote for Uber.

MAD SIN – nine lives

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Toronto to Bangladesh in 6.5 seconds.

    • El Martyachi

      As if there weren’t enough reasons to hate cabbies, in Winnipeg they’re mostly Priuses.

  • Clear Thinker

    Let him try it in New Orleans, he would get a bullet in the face. But he is the archetype and stereotype of the toronto cabbie who spends all of his time on his cellphone when he is driving you around. So what do you think he is discussing while he is on the phone? He is either doing bulk purchases for the next bunch of the Toronto 18 or ISIS, or he is trading stocks. I dont care, I dont want him driving, but his behaviour is suggestive of why UBER will be the future. When the car was invented, the buggy whip business went to ZERO, the commodity that this cabbie seems to think that is his, is about to become ZERO. He is at least guilty of mischief in the video, where are the charges?

  • Xavier

    Merkel’s government announces support for EU labeling of settlement products – with a yellow star

    Um I might have made up that last bit.


  • Xavier

    Shoulda squished him like a bug against the FedEx truck.

  • lolwut?

    You can’t have a first world nation with a third world population.

  • ontario john

    Media reports that Turdeau will be at the airport Thursday night to pose for selfies with the first batch of muslim invaders. No word on whether he will be taking part in islamic prayers with them in the taxpayer funded prayer rooms there.

    • marty_p

      No way the Premier of Ontario will go – if the male refugees were to find out what team she plays for….

    • Raymond Hietapakka

      I hope no-one get stabby…

  • marty_p

    I don’t take cabs regularly…. but the odd time I have taken one in Toronto (from Co-Op Cabs) – the driver is usually from India/Pakistan + the cab smells of curry and day old BO + there is a copy of the Quran on the dash + the guy is busy the whole time he is driving yakking on the phone in some foreign dialect + has music playing that is usually a woman singing in a falsetto voice that sounds like a cross between fingernails on a chalk board and cats being strangled. As such, I can understand the growth of Uber. I know my kids (in their 20’s) use Uber.
    I contrast the aforementioned with taking an airport limo where the drivers are Sikh, dress immaculately and are a pleasure to converse with.

  • simus1

    Honest taxi company rent seekers trying to cope with Toronto’s stupid politicos like Mayor “Sharia John” and his city council of mostly commie NDP clowns. Love it.

    It would become very interesting if Uber started playing hardball and started looking under some rocks.

  • Ed

    3rd world guy is quite proud of his protest. And I’m quite proud of the one I’m going to have. Quietly. In an Uber cab forever more.

  • Timshel54

    Uber is most certainly the future. What we’re witnessing here is the death rattle of buggy whip manufacturers who insist there’s a need for their product.

    Did I hear it right? He was pi$$ing and moaning about safety?? That’s rich.

  • LauraS

    If life is so bad for these cab drivers, why don’t they quit and become Uber drivers? After yesterday’s protest, I’ll never be flagging down another cab. And yes, let’s see charges against the idiot who attacked the Uber driver’s car. (Reminded me of union picket lines!) Maybe charges against everyone who took part in yesterday’s protest, too.

  • Gary

    Hold on a sec , wasn’t it the NDP that told us that all those Arab and Muslims cab drivers were victims of bigotry and they had Phd’s as Doctors and Engineers while trying to raise a family and pay for the house.
    If their Pdh’s are useless in Canada they have the Right to leave a get employed elsewhere because even the youth born here get Phd’s for jobs outside of Canada with better pay .

    It’s not canada’s job to find employment here for the 7,000,000,000 people outside of Canada .

    • Ed

      You didn’t detect from his demeanor a “physician’s” poise and carriage???