More UK Cops Back Trump’s London Terror Comments: ‘Yes There Are Places I’m Afraid To Go’

A few days have passed now since U.S. Republican candidate Donald Trump first raised the spectre of London-based radicalisation and extremism in the United States. But British-based police are still speaking out in his favour, this time on the Police.Community web forum, where users have been exchanging stories about their fears of policing in the United Kingdom.

Who can forget this display of wankery?

  • I never forget this video, which shows the level of fear and surrender of British cops (and behind them the political echelon) in relation to the Muslim mass out there. This video announces the coming demise of the UK like no other sign can.

  • mauser 98

    Boris was lying?

    • H

      Lying or misinformed, as one policeman in the article commented. It hardly matters which – if they don’t recognize the problem then obviously they can never hope to address and remedy it. Time is running out for our Western societies.