EU starts legal action against Greece, Italy and Croatia for failing to fingerprint illegal alien invaders

The European Union has started legal action against Greece, Italy and Croatia for failing to correctly register migrants.

Tens of thousands of migrants have arrived in the three countries over the past few months but less than half of them have been registered by national authorities.

Greece has only fingerprinted around 121,000 of the almost 500,000 people who arrived there between July 20 and November 30 this year, according to the European Commission.

  • SDMatt

    Does that include the Christian ones thrown into the Mediterranean by their freedom-loving “just-like-us” compatriots?

  • Actually, Greece, Italy and Croatia, together with the E.U., should be suing Germany and Angela Merkel. Aren’t Merkel and Germany responsible for giving the unprecedented invitation of asylum to all refugees who could reach their borders on a “first-come, first-serve” basis? Didn’t Germany in fact precipite the current crisis all over Europe?

  • V10_Rob

    Weren’t they screaming ‘racism’ if the outermost European countries did anything to impede the migrant flow?

  • Most enter Greece via Turkey, that is already known.

    Italy makes a great effort to control all those intruders who longs Mama Merkel.

    Is very serious acknowledgment that such decisions and initiatives of sanctions against Italy, is not comparable to Greece and Croatia.

    Italy is a power of equal importance to Spain in the Mediterranean.

    Another failure and serious error U.E. Mommy Merka- Merkel.

    But I recall that threats are also within the European countries, Muslims who are born and generations before had on European soil in the attacks in Paris.

    The U.E. no credibility, and true patriots parties come to power in Europe later or earlier.

    Islam to go prohibited, it’s about time too, throughout the West.