Can the Left Learn to Love ISIS?

The extremist group carved out territory for its utopian state through ruthless brutality and a steady flow of international recruits who arrived believing that the new terror state represented the fulfillment of their belief system. The world was horrified as the radicals who had seized towns and cities showed off severed heads and mutilated bodies, killed hostages and openly threatened the world.

The Americans, British and French intervened hoping to end the reign of terror and restore stability to the region. But their mission had no clear commitment behind it.

  • Xavier

    Learn? Learn?

    • I’m baffled.

      • Dana Garcia

        “Learn to love”? They are already a perfect fit.

        The left knows it can’t institute their utopian political system without force — humans being such ornery creatures — so they see Islam as a great match.

        If Stalin had knocked together some religiousy values thing to go with the top-down totalitarianism it might have gone better.

    • Clausewitz

      Ya beat me too it.

  • roccolore

    The left already loves ISIS.

    • That’s what I thought;)

      • Gary

        Justin went down on Muhamad long ago and he too stupid to see that the islamofascists love useful-idiots like him to impose sharia law By-proxy.
        Once every school and Corporation is halal compliant and has Prayer rooms only for muslims plus Christmas item are banned……it a mere Grand Jihad with terrorism to take over the dolts in Government such as Wynne and Justin .

  • Rick McGinnis

    LEARN to love them? Hell, they’re fapping away with their pants down around their ankles as we speak.

  • Ron MacDonald
  • mauser 98

    off topic…
    Mark Steyn rips the global warming whacks… great stuff.. with Ted Cruz

  • mauser 98

    …..silence from the usual suspects

    Iran Celebrates UN ‘Human Rights Day’ by Stoning Woman to Death

  • The new mayor (a subsidiary PODEMOS politic group in Spain, Madrid, of progressive woman : Manuela Carmena) wants to talk with the leaders of Daesh (ISIS) to bring positions.

    No kidding, and these people govern us in the West.

    Spaniard art. :

  • Hard Little Machine

    In a few months no doubt Obama will leak he’s been secretly carrying on talks with ISIS all along. In exchange for allowing him to blame their murders on guns he’ll inch toward sponsoring them for observer status at the UN ultimately leading to legitimate nationhood.