The Donald Brings Out the Cray-Cray in Lefty ‘Toonists

Talk about over the top.

  • Dana Garcia
  • bargogx1

    I’m glad to see he brought up Molly Norris. That’s the sort of thing that needs to be rubbed in the faces of Islam’s leftist apologists and cheerleaders often.

  • Alain

    You can always count on the Left to become totally hysterical and unhinged when they are unable to silence a dissenter. If anyone wants to see ugly just keep an eye on the Left as long as Trump remains on course.

  • pdxnag

    If you have already gone to bed with the Islamo-Fascists there is no retreat, just as apostasy from Islam is a capital crime. They will isolate you then mob you by the thousands after Friday prayers just as they would any blasphemer. The mob attack on Trump is real. It is how Islamists rule. Our media has become Rage Boy.