‘Racial’ and ‘Religious’ Profiling Now – or Death Later

“If You See Something, Say Something™” the DHS slogan goes (yes, it is trademarked). “It takes a community to protect a community,” the feds continue. “Informed, alert communities play a critical role in keeping our nation safe.” No doubt. But the best information in the world is of little use if social pressure prevents one from disclosing it. Such was the case before the San Bernardino tragedy, when a man living near terrorist Syed Farook’s Redlands home noticed suspicious-looking Middle Eastern men in the area. But he “decided not to report anything,” wrote CBS Los Angeles, “since he did not wish to racially profile those people.” Ah, the power of a lie — to silence.

And to kill.

  • Everyone Else

    Islam profiles itself.

    The core beliefs state that non-muslims are to be subjugated or killed.

  • canminuteman

    As Mark Steyn said, we went from “better dead than red” to “better dead than rude”.

  • simus1

    New style muslim fanatics like buddy and his wifey are examples of well off people who can’t reconcile the teachings of their religion with the external world that surrounds them. His father and navy vet brother seem very normal. Mom, maybe not so much.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Am I a racist?

    • Censored_EG

      What race is Islam? *smirk*

  • Gary

    CAIR and Obama lie to the people that all Muslims in America reject violence and jihad while they too want to stop the slaughters to non-muslims which is against the quran.
    Except that the quran also has Taqiyyah which is a provision for muslims to act as if they condemn the sanctioned hatred and jihad terrorism or misogyny while they Plot in private to kill the unbelievers top steal their land for the caliphate.

    Canada’s Imam Steve Rockwell was on the John Oakley show awhile back and boasted about how muslims will dominate one day to make canada an islamic state as ordered in the quran .
    Rockwell was so kind to tell us that we can stay in Canada as a non-muslim if we pay the head-tax but can’t display or promote your faith in public.

    Rockwell is still allowed a TV by the CRTC as he spews this islamic Supremacy
    call to kill or convert non-muslims once muslims are the majority in the future.
    The bozo’s in the RCMP and CSIS haven’t gone near Rockwell from the fear of losing their jobs or the islamophobe label by Hamas linked muslims such as Sheema Khan when she was at CAIR and used the CBC to spew dawah and taqiyyah.

    Liberals deny the truth about islam’s oppression and jihad terrorism or goals to take over Canada for allah as a Caliphate and yet Imam Rockwell made it clear that’s what islam orders muslim to do and warned us that Canada will be an islamic State first by soft jihad to get Sharia Law and the armed jihad to wage war to take over the Government . l