No Sharia Oaths For Muslims?

That’s what PJ Media’s Roger Simon suggests as an alternative to Trump having gone “Full Monty” on Muslims.

Muslims must follow Sharia.

Whether done openly or “behind closed” doors they will adhere to their supremacist cult doctrine regardless of how mean or how nice and liberal you are to them.

Having them sign a piece of paper pledging to disavow a foundation stone of their cult is reminiscent of Catch 22’s “Loyalty Oaths”.

Curtailing Muslim immigration is the right thing to do.

Trump will be vindicated.

From the Calgary Sun… h/t Dag

Calgary Sun Poll supports Trump

  • Clink9

    Go Calgary! I just got back from there last night and thought they were all NDP voters that drive badly.

    You’ve totally redeemed yourself.

  • V10_Rob

    Anti-Shariah oaths aren’t a cure-all, but it is a way for the West to put its foot down and name the problem. It also gives us a good place to start for separating radicals from moderates, short of blanket bans which will ensnare plenty of innocents. You sign the oath, and if we catch you advocating for Shariah (by name or by euphemism that a reasonable layman can interpret as such), we deport you to the hellhole of your choice, without endless appeals. Maybe you get one warning, maybe one appeal.

    As for the Sun poll, it’s interesting, but web polls can be gamed relatively easily. I’ll wait on more conventional data gathering, flawed as it is at times.

    • I agree but nonetheless its a good start.

      • Reader

        Thank God that taqqiya is just a myth and that they always tell the truth!

  • dukestreet

    I agree with Trump, but, I would probably also only help Syrian refugees in camps close to their home country,instead of shipping them to countries in Europe and the Americas. With the number of fake documents showing up,we can not even be sure that people claiming to be Syrian Christians are not Muslims faking that they are Christians.

    If we don’t bring any of them out of the region,they will be comfortable with the culture they are in along with a similar environment.

    We really should be clearing out Syria so these people can go back. If Christians still want to come after everything has been done to provide them with safety in place, then they can be properly vetted to ensure they are safe to immigrate.

    • There won’t be many Christians, Justin only wants Muslims.

      • Xavier

        Obama is 236:1.

      • dukestreet

        There won’t be any Christians with the money Justin plans to give away. Justin is hooking up with the UN, which is only providing for non-Christians..

  • The “Muslim” problem is not Donald Trump’s creation.

    It has been the leftist multicultural fantasy of importing people for the sake of “diversity”. At the same time denying the reality of Islamic dysfunction.

    Islamic theology is toxic to a society. Afghanistan use to be a peaceful Buddhist/Hindu society before being “converted by sword” to Islam. How is that working? The Filipinos get along with each other, except the Muslims. The Thais get along with each other except the Muslims. In Myanmar they get along except the Muslims. Western Europe is is filled with Muslim “no go-zones”. Do the Western Europeans have any Vietnamese no “go-zones”? Of course not.

    Islamic theology incites Muslims to kill in the name of converting and conquering.

    There is no mystery. There are only PC lies.

    Donald Trump is the only one with the courage to (break PC rules) and state the obvious.

    Thank you Donald for binging reality into the national spotlight.

    • Muslim immigration was a grave mistake, those responsible know it. They fear the consequences of their stupidity which is why they will criminalize those who point out their folly.

      • lolwut?

        All third world immigration is a mistake.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    I think sharia oaths would be mostly a waste.
    I would expect all knowledgeable and observant Muslums to outright lie under oath about them as per the belief that the infidels rules do not apply to a Muslim.

  • Tanya

    Shariah is like the Koran! best going around the S Bend with the rest of the SHi*t

  • Mr_bigstuff

    I get a kick out of the Sun and like publications- On one hand ban all comments on any story but on the other hand solicit peoples opinions with stupid horseshit polls-With results like this they will ban polls or at least moderate the ones that don’t go as they hoped-