Is Al-Huda willing to denounce jihad?

Al-Huda Canada, the Mississauga branch of a worldwide net of Al-Huda Institutes across the globe, has no known links to extremist organizations.

Perhaps that explains the shock expressed over San Bernardino shooter Tashfeen Malik’s links to Al-Huda’s chapter in Multan, Pakistan.

However, I am not surprised for the simple reason that conservative Islam is a package deal and jihad is part of it.

Many Muslims believe jihad is necessary only in self-defence. However, some see Western provocations all around them, which lead them to uphold pre-emptive jihad as a legitimate form of self-defence.

For example, towards the end of one of her Urdu language Al-Huda podcasts, its head, Dr. Farhat Hashmi, describes such provocations as intellectual and cultural home invasion.

  • 2maxpower

    they will lie, so why would anyone expect them to denounce one of islams main articles of faith?

    like liberals they lie and cheat to obtain their goals.

    • Gary

      The islamsists here that want to slaughter us already know the value for the Liberal useful-idiots like Wynne, McGuinty and Barbara Hall that allowed a jew-hating anti-West homophobic mosque in the Valley Park Public school .
      Hall said that she left it up to the TDSB for religious accommodation while the TDSB said the Province didn’t contest it and the HRC saw it as a Human Right for a Faith group . Wynne said that they were following the Charter Of Rights and and respected the TDSB judgement since they don’t want to tell schools what to do.

      When a muslim student brings a suitcase bomb to school that isn’t a fake one like Clockmed Muhammad had that the media said he Invented the Digital clock and it blows up on a Friday after the muslims in the Mosque flee out the fire exits for safety…. these traitors and back stabbing weasels will wash their hands of it and point at each other as responsible just as Martin and Chretien blamed the AdScam theft of tax dollars by Liberals on every one but them self.
      Martin and Chretien actually boasted that they were too stupid to be expected to know what went on under their reign and should not have be trusted with large amounts Taxpayers money .
      Only a Liberal would rush in to take the credit for a disaster and then boast how stupid they are .
      This tactic got Justin elected by co-morons plus Wynne re- elected after the gas plant fraud and crime to erase evidence form Taxpayers
      Computer with not one person going to jail .

  • 2maxpower

    you failed to mention justin and his Syrian friends …you know the ones who will not be Justin’s neighbours.