Founder of school attended by San Bernardino terrorist regards Osama Bin Laden as an Islamic Warrior

Following is an excerpt from a 2010 Express Tribune article “The Daughters of Al Huda” detailing the beliefs of devout Muslim Farhat Hashmi, erstwhile Canadian.

“The Canadians are probably worried because Farhat thinks Osama bin Laden is an Islamic warrior. The author opines: “They react strongly to her statements, such as her claim that the 80,000 Pakistanis who died in the 2005 earthquake did so because they were involved in immoral activities and had left the path of Islam, and fear that her brand of extremist Islam will further marginalise their Muslim communities within the country” (p 196).”


Why has our government allowed people such as Farhat Hashmi to settle or otherwise set up shop in Canada?

Why did they double Canada’s Muslim population in the decade following 911?

Our politicians apologize on behalf of Islam after every Muslim atrocity and expect us to accept this violent supremacist cult as just another “religion”.

No. I will not. Not ever.