Egyptian TV Host on California Terror Attack: Americans Should Stick Obama on an Impalement Rod

h/t Marvin

  • Denis

    At least she is safe from the IRS ( aka, obummer enforcement agency)

  • Brett_McS

    Someone has been leaking The Donald’s pending policy statements?

  • Raymond Cameron

    Had he said that on Fox News he would be suspended for at least three weeks…

  • The Butterfly

    It’s tough to argue with him.

  • Ed

    Always with the delicate touch, the Arabs…

  • chayisun

    The truth and nothing but the truth. Does it not seem strange that this so called president has never referred to the terrorists as islamic terrorists? Nor actually stated that the terrorist attacks contain members of the muslim community? All he does, after each attack, each disgusting, barbaric incident preach about NOT jumping to conclusions. Talks about what a great “religion” islam is and to not condemn this “religion” because of the acts of a “few” unknown individuals.
    He is a disgrace.

  • Achmed

    He’s only saying that because he is a Sunni apostate and hates the true word of Shiite Islam and its supporters like President Obama.

  • Pavelina

    I saw an impalement of a live man several years ago on LiveLeak and still haven’t gotten over it. The worst thing I ever saw.