Easter eggs ‘were re-branded at school linked to Trojan Horse Islamist plot to avoid offending Muslim parents’

Easter eggs were re-branded at a school linked to the alleged Trojan Horse plot in order to avoid offending Muslim parents, an employment tribunal has heard.

The sweet treats were referred to as ‘chocolate eggs’, removing any mention of the Christian religious festival, according to a former teaching assistant at Birmingham’s Adderley Primary School.

Another ex-staff member also claimed lists of Muslim pupils, who make up the majority of the school’s roll, were drawn up by teachers so they did not get sent to Easter basket-making sessions.


Yet outreach has been made to accommodate Muslim beliefs in what are traditional Christian Holidays

Muslim appreciation of Easter

Muslim appreciation of Easter

  • bargogx1

    Just when I get to thinking maybe Trump might be taking things a little too far, I see something like this.

    • Trump is simply ahead of the curve, Europe’s fate awaits us if we do not deal with Islam.