Don’t demonise Trump, he speaks for millions of Americans. And who can blame them for not wanting to end up like us?

“…Being force-fed multi-culturalism brought us to this place. When the only permitted message is acceptance, any views to the contrary result in a label to shame you into silence.

Racist! Islamophobe! Nazi!

Don’t just stick a label it. Be curious. Wonder, how has Trump come to articulate the views of a majority of Republicans across the States?

Because I don’t buy into the clear divide between extremist Muslims and peaceful ones. I don’t see these as two separate entities. It is a sliding scale, a spectrum. From utterly peaceful, to ambivalence to sympathising, to extremist, to a man blowing up buses in Woburn Place.

It is the same slippery slope which sees regular mosque attendees from Luton slip off to Syria to join ISIS. And suddenly a tight knit Muslim community knows nothing.

Not the local imam, not local families, no one. No one denouncing terrorism. Just a wall of silence. In our country.

Hate hidden behind walls we are told to accept and tolerate because we are multi-cultural. Repeat after me. Multi-cultural.

History teaches us lessons were refuse to learn.”