Donald Trump is RIGHT about parts of London being so radicalised they are no-go areas for police, say serving officers

Serving officers today claimed Donald Trump is right to say London’s police are frightened in Muslim areas of London despite Scotland Yard saying the tycoon ‘couldn’t be more wrong’.

Several Met officers have said ‘Islamification’ of the capital is happening and revealed they do need to be ‘extra vigilant’ and even abandon using uniforms on some estates.

The US presidential contender Donald Trump caused worldwide consternation after a string of incendiary remarks, including in Britain when he said: ‘We have places in London and other places that are so radicalised that police are afraid for their own lives.’

Scotland Yard hit back last night but one serving officer has said: ‘Islamification has and is occurring’, adding: ‘You have to have extra vigilance in certain parts when you are working’.

It came as more than 100,000 people – five people every second – signed a petition demanding Mr Trump is banned from Britain for being a ‘hate preacher’.

  • Clink9

    Now I’m sure Trump is getting all his talking points from Blazing Cat Fur.

    Would it kill him to hit the tip jar?

  • Millie_Woods

    In other news, 64 million people in the UK did not sign the petition.

    • H

      I browsed the first 50 or so comments on the article – 95% were supportive of what Trump said.

  • Exile1981

    Want to bet the majority of those 100k are the same ones who signed to stop Gellar. Also i’m going to say 90% are muslim and the rest useful idiots.

    • mobuyus

      My bet would be 10% muslim 90% useful idiots.

      • Censored_EG

        In my experience in Toronto and the multicultural diverse enriched 905 areas outside the city, nobody finds “Islamophobia” more offensive than a white leftist middle class university graduate of nominal Christian or Jewish background.

        90% useful idiots, most likely!

  • He tells them the truth and they want to ban him from London.

    Sounds like a leftist.

    Hey Londoners, here’s a quick and easy test. Put on a Mohammad cartoon T-shirt and try walking around your city. I’m willing to bet you do not want to do it in the Muslim part of town. And what are you going to do when the “Muslim” part of town gets bigger?

    Your politicians have been committing suicide for years. Wake up.

    • John

      Yeah, Cameron should wear a Mo-toon T-shirt while striding through the borough of Tower Hamlets.

    • V10_Rob

      Let’s make it a fair test, they can wear a cartoon Mo shirt, or a cartoon Trump shirt.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Wow! The Great Freakout has crossed the pond.

    “A truth that’s told with bad intent
    Beats all the lies you can invent.” – William Blake

  • Waffle

    Here in Toronto, one of the city councilors wants to remove Trump’s name from his hotel!

    • lolwut?

      Same in Vancouver.

      • John

        Shit! We don’t have anything ‘Trumpy’ in Montréal whose name could be changed by indignant leftist twats.

        I feel left out!

        • lolwut?

          If Jang keeps running his mouth, I’ll have a couple thousand Trump 2016 stickers made up and plaster his neighborhood with them.

          The type of stickers that need something next to a sand blaster to remove.

    • He’s an asshole leftist.

    • Gary

      Toronto has the Regent Park welfare Housing that was upgraded for over $1,000,000,000.00 which currently has a 60% muslim population where the Rec Centre community Pool is controlled by muslims that enforce Sharia Law for non-muslims to have Muslim-only hour’s and Women only swim periods .
      That’s a $600,000,000.00 ownership by-proxy for a Housing project paid for by the Working, and Productive non muslims taxpayers .

      Then there is the Welfare Alley along Dixon rd by Kipling where many of the Somali refugee from about 1990 are still not working while they expect Social Services in their language plus had made DEMANDS for the Apartment owners to ban dogs by the non-muslims still living there .

      And don’t forget how the PC Police ignore some domestic abuse in pro-sharia homes or their neighbourhoods along with the fear to give out all the information in a Crime report to hide the Islamic names or honour killing.
      I no longer trust the new “diversity” mind set in Toronto for every level of Government on top of the Police that have their $90,000.00 a year Quota jobs to keep the peace which mean that keeping the Muslim rape-gang assaults away from the media can’t be that big of a leap.
      Don’t forget that case of the muslim girl that was gang raped in the gym of a High School where CAIR and muslims demanded the Police go after the male students and even make it a hate crime. But the Police weren’t call in by the School at first while the rape had been leaked to the media assuming the Police had charged the students connected to it. The school excused away their inaction as wanting to protect the girl having her name get out by the media and never being able to get married to a devout pro-sharia muslim because she was raped and now damaged goods in allah’s eyes.
      CAIR and a few other muslims went on the CBC to deny sharia law would make her unable to be married .
      The story died from the media coverage and the only update I read was that the Police , paid to enforce Canada’s law for $ 90,000.00 a year, felt that this was a Cultural matter to deal with in the Mosques among the Somali community .

      She’s only a Black female muslim and isn’t protected by our Charter of Rights and Laws that non-muslims must obey .
      Not a word from NAC or Naomi Klein and Susan G Cole and yet Klein keeps banging the Misandry drum every December 6 th over the Montreal slaughter to 14 female students which was a Jihad suicide mission by Gamil Gharabi that was covered up by the Police for 10 years until CTV posted information from Gamil’s Suicide Letter and his pro-sharia Algerian muslim father that beat his Quebec born mother .

      CAIR has given out anti-West leaflets that asks muslims to not help the FBI or the RCMP here in Canada.

      • Waffle

        Yep — sharia crept up on us.

  • John

    There is a petition in the UK calling for a no-confidence vote in Cameron. It has twice the number of signatures…

    It’s wonderfully refreshing the way Trump puts all the progressives in a knot. They’re all going ape shit and it’s just hilarious.

    • I love it.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Let’s face it. British muslims spend a larger part of their daily lives on the Internet and/or Twitter than do most normal, productive citizens. Getting 100,000 signatures on this is hardly an accomplishment under the circumstances. Donald ain’t sweatin’ over it, that’s for sure.

      OBSERVATION: British muslims do the “knickers in a knot” routine almost as well as their caucasian Christian British betters. Or is it just me?

  • dagawker

    Here’s a poll in the Calgary Sun. Two-thirds of respondents think he has got it right.

    • Thanks!

    • andycanuck

      Thanks for the link. I just sent it to Kate at SDA in case she wants to link it as a “poll that needs to go horribly wrong” for the Left.

    • BradThomas

      Just added my vote. People like Menshi, Notley, Trudeau (enter your politician’s name) will of course continue with their empty “progressive” statements, but I am pretty sure that they are also aware of the disconnect between their positions and that of a majority of the citizens’. They can only ignore it for so long (I hope).

    • John


  • Mortiaa

    Bravo Trump
    It is amazing how the left control media in Canada
    I am forced to watch, read and listen in order to
    Evaluate the influence in how they control the masses
    And direct their thinking processes…and the majority
    Of the hits and news bites that get posted on Facebook
    Or are the steady diet of tweet-eaters ….but Iately it
    Really makes me physically ill….
    The only light in the future Is the growing steady support
    For Trump…
    I really hate being a Canadian these days

    • Justin St.Denis

      I share your desponency and depression over how total STOOPID Canadian voters have proven themselves to be. We unplugged from MSM broadcasting a decade ago, and I haven’t subscribed to a newspaper since Conrad Black was running the National Post. I can’t even watch clips of Canadian news on the Internet – I simply can’t take it! I cannot watch Justin talk, I just can’t. I hate Hate HATE the fact the these dangerously STOOPID and elitist bullshit artists are actually in power in Canada. ;-(

  • jackburns

    A lot of this is smoke to cover Barry’s failures, as is the gun control hype. Amazing that they are treating a lame duck as if he were running again.

  • GrimmCreeper

    If banning Trump from the UK is what it’ll take to ban the 72 virgin chasers from being here I’m game, and I think he’d be as well.

  • The no-go zones in London and other Euro cities is well-known. Scotland Yard is lying — likely out of shame and embarrassment.

  • Truth is the new hate speech. Great Britain is in serious trouble, and Trump is absolutely right.