What do Syrian children learn in school?

Here is what Syrian history books say about the Holocaust:

“During World War II Nazism persecuted millions of human beings in Europe and elsewhere and part of this persecution affected the Jews for the following reasons:

• Because of the non-mingling with the nations and the societies where they lived.

• Because of their control and monopoly over currency exchange, banks and commercial financing.

• [Because of] their treason toward their homeland, Germany, as they had put themselves in the service of the Allies.” (Syrian school book, National Socialist Education, Grade 10, p. 104)

The translations of the schoolbooks were done by Dr. Arnon Groiss*,

  • Ron MacDonald

    Isn’t that what Leftist believe too?

    • infedel

      …they are united in destroying Western Civilization that gave them what they have.

  • simus1

    The post WW2 governments of syria and egypt were quite impressed by much of the available reasonably priced nazi talent at loose ends. A bit of identity shuffling by experienced local security people and the offices headed by the newly hired bureaucrats were soon hives of activity by all accounts.

    • Waffle

      That too, but it goes way, way back — Isaac and Ishmael, Cain and Abel, Jacob and Esau — never f***ng ends. Eternal struggle. Ebbs and flows.

  • Hey! Let’s let them all in.

  • JohnfromToronto

    So they are learning the same things as in American universities.

  • passerby1969

    Well, Jews have lived apart in the countries they have passed through since Biblical times. Jews have been very influential in any country they have resided in (Netanyahu said as much to his speech to the UN a while back). I’m sure that Jews also were not very partial to Hitler so they worked with the Allies when they could. I really don’t find these texts so objectionable.

    Jews are not violent. Jews are good citizens (on the whole). Jews share their ideas with others. Jews are not about conquest of another group and their numbers are very small. The scriptures of the Jews are not a prescription for violence and they have adopted Western ways of thinking about liberty. They are different than Muslims in this way.

    But I can’t say the words in the history text are so alarming.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      Just one small correction. Jews did not adopt Western ways of thinking about liberty. It was the reverse, and the West’s concepts of liberty arose from the Bible.

    • Shebel

      The Jews are not saints—but anyway—what about this Muslim Manifest Destiny ? Please don’t tell me that it is WRITTEN.

  • Shebel

    So–is this what these wonderful new migrants believe? There is nothing but trouble on the horizon.

  • marty_p

    The Syrians hosted Alois Brunner one of Eichmann’s assistants after the war…need I say more.


  • Clausewitz

    Jus learned yesterday that our school will be getting two of the little balls of joy, and that both of them are going to be in grade 10, so that means they’ll have to take Canadian History. Lately I’ve been teaching the grade twelve courses, but next semester I’ve told my staff that I’ll do grade ten classes because I don’t want anyone else having to deal with this issue. I may need the summer to deal with a drinking issue after the end of this school year.