Turf: The Problem and the Promise

“For example, we are lectured that only xenophobic nativists worry about allowing Muslims to move en masse to Western countries because concepts like nationalism are obsolete, divisive, and uncool. But the sons of Muslim migrants pay no attention to these sermons denouncing territorial instincts. They tend to grow up on the streets of Europe to be extremely controlling of their turf, often forming street gangs to harass non-Muslim men and groom underage infidel girls.

  • simus1

    People who result from thousands of years of backwoods or back sand dunes inbreeding tend to be quite set in their ways, They have few real interests beyond torture, sex slavery, camel racing, and other associated forms of animal abuse.
    Oh, and breaking stuff.
    And stealing.

  • Xavier

    “Territorialism hasn’t gone away, it just now gets called by other names, such as environmentalism.”

    A toast to Raymond Dart, finally vindicated.

  • Xavier

    The bit about imprinting at puberty is part of the explanation to why the second generation of Moslems is worse than the first.

    If Europe exists in 15-20 years, it won’t exist any longer.

  • Ron MacDonald

    It appears this article backfired for the National Post, most commentators support Trump. Please up-vote.


  • simus1

    Trump has not become a billionaire without being made aware of where plenty of sensitive bodies are buried. No lie jockeys are up to derailing him with their ill conceived bullshit for a day magic bullets and truth suppression..

  • Ed

    Quite right…

    “Today’s Western elites, in the U.S. as much as in Europe, have never been so self-confident. Products of meritocratic selection who hold key positions in the social machine, the bien-pensant custodians of post-historical ideology—editorial writers at the NY Times, staffers in cultural and educational bureaucracies, Eurocratic functionaries, much of the professoriat, the human rights priesthood and so on—are utterly convinced that they see farther and deeper than the less credentialed, less educated, less tolerant and less sophisticated knuckle-dragging also-rans outside the magic circle of post historical groupthink.

    And while the meritocratic priesthood isn’t wrong about everything—and the knuckle-draggers aren’t right about everything—there are a few big issues on which the priests are dead wrong and the knuckle-draggers know it. Worse, as the mass of the people become more aware that the elites are too blind and too wrapped up in the coils of elite ideology to deal effectively with society’s most urgent problems, an age of demagogues is opening up around us. People need leaders; when the meritocratic priesthood seems incapable of providing leadership, people start looking elsewhere.”


  • ontario john

    So heart warming to be taken on a tour on tv, of the private airport terminal building for refugees. No expense has been spared. Why they have even built prayer rooms. Praise Allah! Now they can give thanks in own little prayer rooms as they arrive.