The Too-Friendly City

At this point, after dozens of attacks or foiled plots by quiet, polite guys who suddenly become religious and later start shooting people, we should know that appearances can be deceiving. What might look a little odd at the time takes on a sinister cast in retrospect. But nearly 15 years after 9/11, people seemed to have received mixed messages. The Homeland Security mantra of “if you see something, say something” conflicts with admonitions from elected officials and other doyens of the political class that “not all Muslims are terrorists” (obviously) and “religious and racial profiling is wrong” (not so obvious).

Faced with the choice of either “saying something” to the authorities about suspicious behavior that may or may not be a bona fide threat and remaining mum for fear of being tarred as a bigot people increasingly opt for the latter.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Until the collective will exists to make Muslums uncomfortable and challenge every aspect of their faith that we find disagreeable, anything else is just show.
    No Muslims, you do not have a RIGHT to be here.

    • It’s shocking how the media will side with even obvious Islamists.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        Yes it is!
        Everyone since 9/11 has known that CAIR and Ibrahim Hooper and the whole constellation of kumbaya singing enablers are ALL full of crap.
        All we are doing now is prolonging the carnage.

        We are all less free merely because of their (Muslims) presence.
        No Islam, know liberty.
        Islam is the very antithesis of liberty.

        • Gary

          True, CAIR in Canada hands out the same booklet as CAIR USA that coaches muslims to not help the FBI or RCMP.

  • Xavier

    Two Afghan Air Force Students Reported Missing from Moody AFB
    I see something!

  • simus1

    It is fairly standard leftist practice to usually out anyone who expects anonymity when contacting any bureaucracy with concerns felt by “normal”, i. e. excessively patriotic people. The lesson is quickly learned by all who follow events..

  • Ron MacDonald
  • Gary

    Back when CSIS was mentioned in a local News article for how to report suspected terrorism activity I had called the Number because a house near me had muslims coming and going while their Luggage had Airline tags and the cars dropping them off had US Plates and only stopped there at Night.
    Curtains were closed all day while few lights were on after dark , plus one night I looked at the male driver through the back window since the cars were always stopped with the passenger side tries on the side walk and the driver look in the mirror to seem me and then when the passenger shut the door the car sped off.

    The person at CSIS treated me like I was paranoid and anti-muslim bigot that worried to much .
    I was told that lots of people close their curtains as they said they do, then said that lots of people only turn on a few light in the house and that lots of people go on vacation and have a friend drive them home from the Air Port at night and have luggage.
    I mentioned the US plates for New York and Ohio, I was told to call the RCMP in Toronto since it seemed like a Immigration problem for illegals .
    CSIS said that they don’t look into allegations of terrorism unless the plot is in progress towards fruition as a crime they must stop for the public safety .
    Fine….I called the RCMP in Toronto and they said that it was an issue for the Border Security Services that let the illegals or potential terrorist in the Country .


    All these people getting a salary just to sit back and wait for the bombs to go off while the RCMP and CSIS point at some other dept. or blame the Border services .
    I did more research and found some documents in the Blue Box garbage that detailed how Jihadists were paying $10,000 US to go from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia and then the UK to get a Visa to travel to Mexico where they get smuggled into the USA to a safe House in Texas that’s linked to a radical Mosque .
    From Texas they get shuttled up the Eastern seaboard States to get fake ID to either be placed at key Towns or taken up to Canada as a tourist for a refugee claim once in Toronto .

    The FBI was very interested because they were illegals and people made money while transporting Humans across State lines as Commerce which was a felony from not having a license for each State .
    I mailed them the Documents with addresses and phone numbers in Texas along with a statement from the illegal that paid $10,000.00 and had to come clean for why he was in Canada and couldn’t be sent back to the USA or he’d be deported as an illegal .
    Nice little scam the Leftists have because I found out that the House that these people were going into was own by the Refugee Centre near by and the Lawyers noted in the Documents were right beside it to process the illegals .
    This catholic based support centre seems to have lots of Muslims coming to them and one night a saw a Pro-hamas group that met there prior to a protest at the US consulate on University ave that night .

    All these little things made no sense until I started to tie them together such as a car with Florida Plate which I traced back to Tampa for the DOT office ID and the dealer badge on the car to that same area .

    Liberalism is a mental disorder and it’s going to get us killed .