The Guardian Elevates Their Trump Threat Level from “Joke” to “Sinister Threat”

The Guardian's Own Child Columnist

The Guardian’s Own Child Columnist

The “Overton Window” is a concept that was born in rightwing American circles. It is a simple idea: everything within the window is seen as acceptable and mainstream, and everything outside is seen as extreme and fringe, but it can be shifted. With one ignominious intervention, the window has now been moved, and various anti-Muslim bigots can say: “Well Donald Trump has gone too far, but here’s what I would say instead.” They suddenly become the more moderate alternatives where once they would have been seen as themselves extreme. Mehdi Hasan has admitted to missing George W Bush because of the anti-Muslim shift that has taken place within the Republican fold since.

It wasn’t just what Trump said; it’s the fact his fans instantly cheered. This is no clown, no pitiful absurdity that can simply be laughed off. Trump is a menace, an inciter of bigotry and a recruiting sergeant for terrorism – and this must be taken seriously.

Somebody get this kid a paper bag before he hyperventilates.

Welcome to the new, new-normal kiddo!

  • Trump is the leftists worst nightmare.

    He has a big microphone is telling the truth.

  • mauser 98

    as millions of ISIS soldier invade Europe

  • SDMatt

    Trump is a menace, an inciter of bigotry and a recruiting sergeant for terrorism

    Of course. To the Left Trump is a cause of terrorism. But not the Koran or the mosques. No no no no noooooo, despite 14 centuries to the contrary.

    Trump has done us a great service: the spotlight is now on Islam, the public is saying what it thinks, and the power of the elites and MSM to control the narrative is taking even more of a nosedive.

    The Left operate on emotions, not fact. Let’s say what we think and sit back and watch the Left go apeship, and enjoy.

    • El Martyachi

      While we’re on the “saying what we think” subject, if Trump or some actual conservative becomes next POTUS, something like this needs to happen there.

  • moraywatson

    Disliking, disapproving of, and wanting to minimize the revolting politics of totalitarian islam and its muslim adherents is not bigotry. Certainly not any more bigoted than it is for Democrats to demonize Republicans, or for socialists to despise conservatives, or for climate change alarmists to label realists as deniers. The criticism of politics is fair game, and islam’s politics are vile.

  • WalterBannon

    So-called conservatives in the media like Jerry Agar were sputtering their PC credentials today, whining about evil Trump.

    Screw them.

    Trump is right, but he does not go far enough.

    Ban Islam

    Deport ALL muslims.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    If the Guardian sputters into hysterics, Trump must be doing something right.