Post-San Bernardino, Democrat Gun-Control Dishonesty Reads Loud and Clear

The Obama Democrats used the San Bernardino shooting by a DHS-vetted Islamist terrorist as an excuse to repeal the Second Amendment, but they were fortunately stopped by the Republican-controlled Congress. All they have done is identify themselves very clearly as the enemies of every law-abiding gun owner in the country, and that includes hunters, target shooters, and people who keep firearms for self-defense.

  • Dana Garcia

    100 million firearms purchased since Obasma took office.

    • mauser 98

      prices on used ones way up ..which means people are not selling them
      ammo up but there are some wild swings in price , availability

    • Exile1981

      How many since Justin took office?

      • Alain

        We shall never tell.

        • Exile1981

          i meant in canada not you personally.

  • simus1

    Even the dead must serve the revolution.
    That is always first and foremost among all of the best marxist propagandists.