Overnight Thread…

Fmr. FBI Counterterrorism Agent: We’ve Received ‘Nearly Zero Help’ from U.S. Muslim Community Since 9/11

Our PM Useful Idiot is being played like a fiddle.

  • Dana Garcia

    Huge waves today south of San Francisco at Mavericks. Amazing to watch.


  • Jay Currie

    Sure he shot his baby, but Phil was a brilliant producer.

    • Karen Reeves

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  • ontario john

    Good news for law firms and graduates from whiny indian university law schools. The federal government will announce the inquiry into missing indian women. Cost is expected to be forty million dollars. But hey, what’s money to a liberal government. And the CBC News Network is reminding us again this morning that islamophobia is running rampant across Canada. They are still going on about that muslim referee who had his feeling hurt at a hockey game. The CBC did have the heart warming story of the muslim school in the Toronto area that has connections to the California killer and to a number of women who have joined ISIS. Nice pictures of young women with bags over their heads and only their eyes showing in class. I’m sure the refugees arriving will be welcome there. And of course the refugees will be arriving to their own little terminal building in Toronto, so they don’t have to go through the hassle the rest of the airport users have to face.

    • The Butterfly

      We already know what happens to missing indian women. It’s drunken indian men.

      This is really an “anti-inquiry” in which we pay tens of millions of dollars to pretend not to know, and that it is something else.

  • marty_p

    The left continually haul out references to Mubin Shaikh the one and only Mo who was willing to assist the government. He’s the Left’s poster boy for “See Muslims cooperate in the fight against terrorism”.

    • mobuyus

      He does have the look of a well fed mascot about him.