Humanist And Former “Moderate Muslim” On How To Tell A Moderate Muslim From A Radical Muslim

“…And that’s when the absurdity started to really hit home. What in the world were we doing? We were training our children to kowtow without questioning an authority that we believed would keep them safe from evil western ways. And so the community’s children went to Sunday school, wore hijab, prayed and fasted. They were enveloped in a Muslim identity that was unlike any that I had experienced before. I was raised in a Muslim country in the Middle East and religion was something we kept in its place, somewhere after school, soccer and cartoons. Here was a more distilled, pure and, most dangerously, a context-free Islam. There were no grandmothers here to sagely tell us which parts of the Quran to turn a blind eye to. There were no older cousins here who skipped Friday prayers and goofed off with their friends instead. Oh no. This was Islam simmered in a sauce of Midwestern sincerity, and boiled down to its dark, concentrated core.

This was dangerous.”

  • Dana Garcia

    It’s a supremacist murder manual.

    • lolwut?

      Which is why we should trust NONE of them.

      Jihadists chop off heads

      Moderates pop out babies and demand Sharia once their population grows.

      The Quran teaches Muslims to smile, lie and pretend to be friends with unbelievers..

      Moderates are just wolves in sheeps clothing

  • Alex

    Wow – if only there were a few (million) more Muslims like her. Unfortunately, she’s definitely an exception, and not typical.

  • Barrington Minge

    A radical mooslim wants to behaed you. A moderate mooslim wants a radical mooslim to behead you. Same old same old.

  • Shebel

    Moderate Muslims are much more Dangerous that Radical Muslims.

    Most people understand the Radicals—they hate and want to kill Everybody that doesn’t doesn’t quite fit in with their Islamic Utopia.

    Moderate Muslims are much more dangerous . Their duty is to keep the ‘pot simmering’ -just below the boiling point. If the Moderates become a bit too friendly and accepting of Western Society and it looks like we could all get along— their duty is create a rift–piss every one off . Demand to wear a Mask when asked for ID , take a job hauling booze and refuse to do the work, demand ridiculous Accommodation for Islam—

    Moderates do this as a Recruitment tool —- You are the Radical Sleepers.