Halifax Cops find guns, ammo, Kevlar vest in house of Muslim whose cash was seized for supporting terrorism

Police find guns, 500 rounds of ammo, Kevlar vest in Halifax townhouse

A Halifax man allegedly threatened to harm a border services officer and throw him in a Dumpster if the officer didn’t return over $15,000 seized from the man’s wife, police allege in search warrant documents.

According to the documents filed at Halifax provincial court in a threats and intimidation case against Samir Dib Elias, Canada Border Services Agency officer Todd Houston believed the money should be seized as “proceeds of crime to support terrorism,” and his supervisor concurred.

None of the allegations contained in the search warrant have been tested in court and no terrorism-related charges have been laid against Elias or his wife.

A day after Houston seized the money from Elias’s wife, Jassika Sassine, at Halifax Stanfield International Airport upon her return from Lebanon on Sept. 13, Elias allegedly began repeatedly calling the agency, demanding information about Houston.

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  • Mark

    Never did hear about who the guy was in the car that crashed on the Allen last week with lots of guns and a ‘religious book’ in the car. Didn’t hear about what religion that book was either for some reason…

    • Funny that.

      • Hey.

        Who, when and where is the Canadian Trump?

        • k1962

          He unfortunately lost the election to Trudeau the dunce.

  • simus1

    Bringing money from Lebanon seems reasonable enough.

    A container of Christmas presents shipped to Beirut from
    relatives in Halifax would be long remembered.

  • markerc .

    I just hope this guy in Halifax wasn’t “radicalized”…apparently that happens to otherwise moderate muslims sometimes…oh sorry…I shouldn’t have said muslims…DOH…did it again.

  • Spatchcocked

    Ah Justine….what hath thou wrought….

    • Observer

      I think Justine will want to send the police to a reeducation camp for infringing on Samir Dib Elias and his wife’s rights to practice their culture.

  • Spatchcocked

    Barbecue that cow….

  • Alain

    Oh my this is such a surprise.

  • P_F

    “Elias was arrested after police searched his townhouse in the Washmill Lake area Nov. 20. Officers allegedly seized a handgun, two semi-automatic rifles, 28 prohibited magazines for the weapons, more than 500 rounds of ammunition and a Kevlar vest.”

    As I’ve repeatedly mentioned in my comments; mohammedans residing in Canada are heavily armed, legally or illegally doesn’t really matters to them because they know govt. will never come after them. Only a revolution, like France when all their aristocrats were purged, could save us. This time it would be politicians & bureaucrat instead of Royalty & Aristocracy of 18th century.

  • k1962

    Sweet! And we are welcoming 25,000 more jihadi neanderthals. I hope this a$$ isn’t yet a Canadian and that he can be deported.

  • Neveryoumind

    Perhaps a tad late but it’s good to know this website is garbage for journalism. Both of these individuals are Christian. Christians with an aversion to Muslims.

    Great journalism though. Spot on. Go damn racists and you’re knee-jerk reactions.