You can never be “nice” enough to the Muslims

For years, Israel has been demonized, held responsible for every terrorist atrocity from blowing up Holocaust survivors at a Passover Seder to the mutilation and murder of her Olympic athletes. It was all Israel’s fault, because she had mistreated the poor Palestinians.

The French welcomed thousands of Muslims to France. They made them citizens, gave them access to everything the Western world has to offer.

The French sided openly with the Palestinians, and had a hands-off policy towards Muslims, making their neighborhoods no-go zones for the police.

Their reward? Mass killings in supermarkets, magazine offices, restaurants, a sports arena, and a concert hall by Muslims.

But why? After all, the French were so “nice?”

  • As long as Islamic theology says “kill the non-Muslim” expect Muslims to keep trying to kill non-Muslims.

    Only mystery here – why it takes so long to understand.

  • ontario john

    I blame global warming.

  • simus1

    France is beautiful by most accounts.
    A lot of the French and their arab guests, not so much.

    • Alain

      From personal experience having lived there I would say most Parisians are not. It goes without saying that the foreign invaders, Arabs, African, all Muslims, are not an asset.