US says airstrike killed al Qaeda leader in Somalia

The Pentagon announced Monday that U.S. military airstrikes have killed senior al Qaeda leaders in Somalia.

The Defense Department confirmed the death of Abdirahman Sandhere, known as “Ukash,” who was a senior leader of Al Shabaab, al Qaeda’s affiliate in Somalia. The strike was taken on Dec. 2, said Navy Capt. Jeff Davis.

“His removal from the battlefield is a significant blow to al Shabaab and reflects the painstaking work by our intelligence, military and law enforcement professionals, and it’s an important step in the fight against al Shabaab,” Davis said.

  • Ed

    What a shit hole.

  • ontario john

    Well, we don’t have to worry about terrorists getting around in Ontario. With motorists now having to pay toll charges in the near future and Wynne signing a carbon tax deal today, terrorists can’t afford to put gas in their cars or drive on the highways. Just Wynne’s little contribution against terrorism. Perhaps terrorists can spend their time instead going to one of the new terrorist schools here. According to the National Post website, the woman terrorist in California attended a school in Pakistan founded by someone who now lives in Canada. Praise Allah.

    • DMB

      This will make public transit i.e. the TTC subways a more likely target for terrorists since driving will become more expensive in the future.

  • Shebel

    I don’t believe anything that Obama says and Justin is rapidly catching up on this idiocy.