The Cost Of Islam: France considering ban on access to free Wi-fi and Tor

The Paris attacks have significantly altered the security agenda in France, and now the French government is considering banning access to free Wi-Fi networks and the Tor anonymity network.

Le Monde newspaper revealed an internal report from the Ministry of Interior, authored by the French Department of Civil Liberties and Legal Affairs (DLPAJ) that lists two proposed bills – one around the State of Emergency and the other on combating counter-terrorism.

The State of Emergency proposal, advices the French government to forbid the use of free and shared Wi-Fi connections during a state of emergency. The Hacker News website reported that according to the French police, the reason behind restricting access to Wi-Fi is that it is apparently difficult to track suspects who use public Wi-Fi networks to communicate. In addition, during a state of emergency the police will be entitled to search houses without a warrant, tighten border controls, and ban protests.

  • V10_Rob

    As always, the law-abiding have to surrender their rights and freedoms to facilitate the security theater.

    On the other hand, as a referendum question… “Do you want free wifi, or unassimilating islamists?”… I think we may be on to a real winner.

  • Xavier

    Terrorism is the new Global Warming; politicians can say, “We need ____ to fight terrorism”. For Obama, it’s gun control and rewriting the Constitution in his image. For the French it’s a means to get rid of Tor and public Wi-fi so everyone can be monitored – and it would not surprise me to find that Obama is behind the French proposals. But maybe liberals are just the same intrusive tyrants the world around.

    • Karen Reeves

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  • Xavier

    Just as Obama is the greatest gun salesman in history, France is poised to generate a surge in iPhone sales – they’re encrypted.

    There are numerous means of anonymous communication; eliminating Tor and public Wi-Fi are useless high visibility gestures.

  • tom_billesley

    Free wi-fi? Where but the Calais Jungle invasion staging area.
    How Calais’ ‘jungle’ migrant camp has now become a mini city – complete with restaurants, a theatre, book shops and free wifi

  • Millie_Woods

    The French were warned that if they voted for the ‘far right’ there would be warrant less searches, armed soldiers in the streets and other loss of civil liberties.

    • tom_billesley

      The French may think that better than dodging the mutaween.

  • lolwut?

    The migrants are gonna be pissed, one of their first demands was Wi-fi for their iPhones.




  • The Butterfly

    Wow, multiculturalism is so awesome. We get to give up all our rights and freedoms for the sake of diversity and great cab rides. Whose genius idea was this?