Silicon Valley is disrupting unions?

Of course. From Breitbart:

Silicon Valley is coming after unionized industries. A top investor in the Valley, Paul Graham, lit up Twitter, saying, “Any industry that still has unions has potential energy that could be released by startups… (I don’t mean in simply paying people less, but rather that industries afflicted by unions are sclerotic so have left lots undone.)”

The lack of innovation leaves unionized industries susceptible to startups, which are increasingly moving into new forms of labor, from driving and delivery to education. Google recently announced a new partnership for creating cheap, online business school courses. Generally speaking, these types of online courses don’t need the permission of universities or teacher unions to set salaries, allowing tech companies to provide very low-cost education.

Interestingly enough, Graham’s comments illustrate how Silicon Valley represents a new pro-capitalism, anti-union political category. Employees from Graham’s investment company, Y-Combinator, give exclusively to Democrats, according to OpenSecrets. Many of these Silicon Valley stars prefer Democrats because they see a role for the federal government as an investor in education and scientific research, but not as a regulator from capitalism. More.

Reality check: Instant IQ test = can we see what is happening here? Silicon Valley’s employees will be more like management than labour. Valley need hire only clever AI types who work brutally hard and get paid tons of money. And what’s $10k here or there to land a promising young genius? They’re available globally now.

The people who used to be union labour in North America will be lucky to have jobs in service industries threatened by AI. If they unionize or demand high minimum wages, AI will just move faster. They will end up on the public dole, not the corporate payroll.

As for Silicon Valley supporting Democrats? That party will form the base of technocratic progressive government in the future. It’s fine with them if former union labour is on lifetime benefits. One suspects society will be somewhat like a human wildlife sanctuary but then that’s the Brave New World that looms.

See also: More good news: Tax analyst Stephen Moore gets it too, re Asscrat U, USA (The precious little asshats are in training to manage the unemployed/underemployed classes, a job for which they will not need conventional academic thinking skills. And in fairness to them, they sense that.)

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