San Bernardino shooter’s ‘hardline’ Islam not an outlier in native Pakistan

Anyone looking for clues for why Tashfeen Malik turned from a young mother into an Islamic State-supporting mass killer capable of slaughtering 14 people with her husband will struggle to find anything in the picture that has so far emerged of the 29-year-old Pakistani.

The news on Monday that she regularly attended a women’s religious group that promotes an austere form of Islam did nothing to change the emerging profile of a woman who resembles countless other young Pakistanis living at a time of social, economic and religious upheaval.

“She’s a typical small-town, educated, middle-class conservative,” said Nadeem Farooq Paracha, a social commentator for Dawn newspaper. It is a class getting richer, living in fast-growing towns and, Paracha notes, increasingly strident in its religion.


There’s always a Canadian Connection…

More… Mississauga educator distances Islamic school from San Bernardino attack

A controversial Mississauga Islamic educator is defending her school after one of the San Bernardino killers was revealed to be a former student.

Farhat Mashmi, who runs the Al-Huda Institute of Canada an Islamic school in Mississauga, issued a statement on her website Monday distancing herself from Tashfeen Malik. The controversial scholar acknowledged that Malik studied at Al-Huda’s branch in Multan, Pakistan branch for two years starting in 2013 and left without completing a diploma.

“It seems that she was unable to understand the beautiful message of the Qur’an,” the statement says. “We cannot be held responsible for personal acts of any of our students.”

Pakistan remains among the top sources of immigration to Canada for some bizarre reason.

I have written on Farhat Hashmi before, she was listed as a ghost employee at ISNA

Moderate Muslim Extremist Farhat Hashmi Is Back In Canada?

Where Was Canada Revenue? Islamist Charity Fraud ISNA Canada Keeps Muslim Extremist Ordered Deported On Payroll

Note that a branch of ISNA lost its charitable status after having been found to have funded terrorists.

PM Useful Idiot just loves ISNA!

PM Useful Idiot at ISNA



  • moraywatson

    The “beautiful message of the quran” must be in the fine print, hidden in the bibliography somewhere. Slaying the unbelievers wherever you find them is the essential message of the quran. Sounds really ugly to anyone not banging their head on the ground five times a day.

    • That head banging dulls cognition, a prerequisite for belief in Islam.

    • Exile1981

      The killing of infidels is what muslims call the beautiful message.

      They are just upset because the death toll of infidels was so low and none of the explosives went off.

  • Xavier

    It seems that she was unable to understand the beautiful message of the Qur’an

    Beauty is in the eye of the gun holder.

  • What’s going to happen when Truedough’s Muslim fellow-travellers discover that he is a radical supporter of Gay marriage and the “alternative family”, when they are radically against? I guess he’s expecting the Canadian MSM to keep that a very big secret for a very long time — not unrealistic in a country where the MSM censors free political speech. But although Muslims are idiots, I don’t think they are dummies — sooner or later they will catch on that progressives are duping them. And a confrontation is sure to ensue.