Mocking the prayers for San Bernardino victims

A friend was truly shocked by this, from Federalist:

For some reason, much of the media began mocking the efficacy of prayer. This was happening while victims of the shooting were actually asking people to pray. I mean, the critiques were everywhere. An editor at ThinkProgress said, and I quote, “Stop thinking. Stop praying.” There’s a bumper sticker for you!

Twitter highlighted in its “Moments” section another progressive journalist’s campaign to shame politicians who prayed for victims. And a senator from Connecticut tweeted about the attack, without understanding the perpetrators, their motive, or their relationship to any proposed or imagined gun restriction:

Who but Murphy thought that the officials were not going to do anything? Maybe they won’t do what he wants if it isn’t popular with voters, but…

More from Federalist.

Reality check: Progressives will work increasingly hard to drive all conventional expressions of religion out of the public square except those useful for cementing their control. Islam is useful as a club against Christians and Jews.

And, let’s face it, “Our prayers are with you” is a pretty conventional expression. It certainly doesn’t imply that nothing else will be done, and is almost never taken that way by the hearers.

Later, the progressives may discover that he who rides a tiger can never dismount. But then they are not known for thinking ahead. They tend to think that the famines and pogroms will always happen to someone else.

They have usually been right, as it happens – though not always.

And this is a useful opportunity for progressives in media to narrow the boundaries of permissible speech.

But again, people vote for them. Worldwide throughout history, many have been silenced by governments who did not vote for them. They deserve more sympathy.

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  • Ed

    Oh the left will do anything, including use religion, to further their objectives…

  • roccolore

    Yet the left had no problem with “Pray for Paris.”

    • That’s because “Paris” is an inanimate object. It’s an abstract geographical construct of an urban place on a map — it is not human. Their only objection to prayer is when it expresses empathy with fellow humans, such as the specific families and victims of the Islamist attack..

  • Jim Horne

    Let’s not kid ourselves the political left is cheering from the sidelines when the radical Islamists shout “First comes Saturday, then comes Sunday”. The political left and their elite leaders hate, with a religious fervour, the people who stand up for Judaeo-Christian values.

  • Xavier

    There are very few people in the world who have the right or expertise to tell you anything. Your Doctor, your Priest, your lawyer, your golf pro… 😉

    The rest are just assholes trying to convert you to their asshole view of the world, or criticizing you for not converting to their asshole view of the world.

    • Frances

      And even then, Xavier, I might well decide to get a second opinion.

  • Prayer is actually a very abstract notion in the post-modern West. It involves humility to have communion with a higher being who could offer comfort or insight. When one believes he is the centre of the universe, to who does he pray? No one. His actions and words are empty.

    • Alex

      Interesting point, and I think, accurate. Prayer (real prayer, not mindless repetition of words) requires one to look away from oneself, and take the focus off oneself. This is something progressives in particular seem to find difficult to do.