Interesting facts of the day on US hate crimes in 2014

Question: Based on the actual rates of hate crime victimization and the fact that Jews are so disproportionately targeted, wouldn’t we have to conclude that hate crimes against Jews are routinely under-reported by the media relative to the reporting of hate crimes against blacks and Muslims?

The media lie.

  • Gary

    Justin and Obama are bent on letting the Christian victim of the muslims in Syrian stay there to die as they both think that the best way to stop muslim terrorists from getting in N.American is to let in more muslims that are already devout as homophobic Jew-haters .

    I’m still waiting for that List from any Muslims that has all the islamic Nations with those 99% peaceful followers of islam that reject violence and embrace the Jews and gays .

    The media is now in Spin mode to protect Hillary in 2016 since they fabricated a Motive for the slaughter that started as a Jew co-worker that provoke Syed to the now narrative that the Wife corrupted this peaceful nice man with NO free will .

    Syed is Innocent by reason of islamity .

  • Ron MacDonald

    In the mindset of progressives only Whites are capable of committing a hate crime.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Of course hate crimes against Jews are under-reported. The media are run by Jew-haters themselves.

    • k

      Did you know that there is such a thing as Jewish Organized Crime? Well there is and I am sure they have a hand in this political correctness thing …

      Jewish Nationalist groups had better watch where your money is coming from