In lean times, police seize more assets?

Sure. From the Washington Post:

Recent years have brought public scrutiny on a controversial law enforcement practice known as civil asset forfeiture, which lets police seize and keep cash and property from people who are never convicted — and in many cases, even charged — with wrongdoing. But despite a growing public outcry spurred in part by news investigations and congressional hearings, a new report Tuesday from the Institute for Justice, a nonprofit civil-liberties law firm, finds that the past decade has seen a “meteoric, exponential increase” in the use of the practice. More.

Reality check: As usual, the War on Drugs is blamed, not without some justification. But that accusation misses the point: As progressive government adds more and more absolute and partial dependents, in order to gain lifetime votes, it is adding longterm liabilities. Faster than it can increase taxes and tolls, probably.

The War on Drugs has been a popular pretext. A War on [ religious Christians, students who study, believers in traditional marriage, pro-lifers, and other bigots and haters, etc., or any target-able group] might net bigger gains still. After all, many such people are the types who worked and saved.

The comfort is that the same people often vote for it.

In many places government seizes assets from people who never had the chance to vote for or against the principles of progressive government, or congratulate themselves on being broad-minded enough to do so.

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