Front National’s election triumph leaves mainstream parties reeling

In a series of emergency meetings on Monday, French mainstream politicians struggled to come up with a response to what one analyst described as the “major hangover” of a historic victory by the Front National in the first round of regional elections.

While the far-right had been predicted to do well, the Front National’s record score of almost 28% of the national vote and first place in six of the country’s 13 regions on Sunday night left the traditional parties reeling.

  • terrence

    By “far-right” the slime stream media not socialist, by very left wing

  • Brett_McS

    Maybe the major parties in France could hire Carl Rove to help them understand what is going on?

  • mauser 98

    Trudeau is Canada’s Merkel

  • May the Euro, socialist, multi-culti, fools, shake in their boots. They have nearly destroyed Western Europe.

    Get ready for more of the same.

    It is long overdue.

  • Oracle9

    I am so sick of that leftist term “far right” to describe those who wish to protect our own culture.

    • Ed

      Yes, the far majority. The Left can be the “close losers.”

    • Millie_Woods

      The other parties are so far left that Marx would look like the far right to them.

  • Dana Garcia


    Is Marine still on trial for telling the truth about Muslims?

  • I hope the FN will really address the Arab problem in France head on, and not opt for a “unity of all French” attitude, if they actually get into power. The temptation is great to look for easy, don’t shake the boat, pathways to keeping power. I wonder if they will have the courage…

  • cdnmohamhater

    so nothing will change

  • Alain

    More confirmation that neither they nor the MSM speak for nor represent the majority of citizens in any Western country. They are reeling, because this truth has once again exposed them and their narrative.