Tommy Robinson Says He’s An Enemy Of The State: Book Review

Tommy Robinson - Enemy Of The State

Tommy Robinson – Enemy Of The State

“Without winning a TV talent contest or scoring a winning goal in the World Cup, it would be hard to be as famous as Tommy Robinson in the UK. And yet he started out wearing a balaclava and leading a rag tag bag of football hooligan friends protesting against a group of Muslims shouting insults and obscenities at British soldiers.

He became the figure head of the English Defence League: the EDL.


This is an excellent book review, well worth a read.

  • disqusW6sf

    Interesting. Here is another interesting Brit–Melanie Phillips Nov 29-15
    Group libel against Israel (not against Hamas of course) and much much more.

  • bob e

    i hope tommy makes some money from this. i was around & watched this guy grow from a ruff lad to a person who could stop anyone in their tracks in a TV debate,
    interview or hack job. sharp, rugged, clean looking, he rose like a phoenix .. his mate kevin is quite the lad too.

    i hope the traitors in Britain leave him the hell alone.

    ** little known fact. there are still more edl lads in jail for protesting child rape &
    grooming, than there are paki child rapers & groomers ..

    Hang your head down .. Britannia . letting foreigners rape your children ..

  • Brian Jones

    Having some weirdness when trying to find it on to add to my wish list. I follow Tommy on Twitter and clicked the UK Amazon link he has up there, and the page looks a bit weird, and has nothing coming up in the search results, even searching by the ASIN and ISBN.

    Pure coincidence, I’m sure.

    • I hope he’ll have international coverage on Amazon soon. I think at the moment it’s only on I’m told there’s a Kindle version coming soon.

      • Brian Jones

        Oh, good. I’ll keep checking back for it – thanks!

  • Thanks! 🙂 Waving from Israel. Come back and visit us soon.