They say the children are our future…

Belgium is going to regret that I think…

“Diverse youth enriches Brussels with intercultural dialogues”

h/t WL

  • bob e

    allah & his pimp ackbars ..

    You cretin pimps are gonna be dead & me i’m gonna enjoy seein’
    your pimp ass being crushed underneath the new german leopard tank when
    they link with the fierce french patriots in their sweep of europe ..

    good nite asshole

  • marty_p

    Filming of the sequel is scheduled for Regent Park in Toronto.

  • Ed

    A common thread running through middle eastern culture. They either cower like whipped pups or savagely dominate. There is no culture of equals, living in harmony. And because we’re not used to this, they see no resistance to letting out the savage side.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Most Belgian Jews live in Brussels. Let’s hope they have the sense to leave soon since the whole country, starting in Brussels is going down in flames