Planned Parenthood was ‘right wing terror,’ but with Islam suddenly ‘motives don’t matter’

Last month, when a Colorado Christian entered a Planned Parenthood clinic and fatally shot three people, the mainstream media rushed to make the connection to “right-wing domestic terrorism,” even though police hadn’t made any connection and the evidence was thin.

When two California Muslims shot up a government office several days later, massacring 14, national journalists refused to call it Islamic terrorism even though evidence of the shooters’ motive was overwhelming.

  • ontario john

    We have no real freedom of the press in North America. The media is tightly controlled by leftist elites who don’t allow diverse opinions. Turned on the CBC a few minutes ago, and a special on Canada’s favorite terrorist Omar is on. Yes he and his poor family are just simply misunderstood. And every time the religion of peace commits another atrocity, the media is filled with half ass stories about islamophobia. And the media isn’t afraid of committing outright censorship. After not allowing comments any further on whiny indian stories. The CBC went on the offensive today, with a story by its indian staff making fun of hateful comments. No comments allowed.

    • The CBC sucks shit.

    • marty_p

      The Toronto Star commits censorship by omission. Their biased coverage of the Israeli Palestinian conflict is a perfect example. Israeli gets killed by Palestinian “MILITANT” no coverage unless the Palestinian is killed post attack by Israeli security forces – which typically prompts an article with a headline “Israel Kills Palestinian” and mentioned in one line in the body of the article will be a comment that the death of the Palestinian was in response to his/her attack against an Israeli civilian.
      I’ll bet if an Israeli developed the cure for cancer or cold fusion technology, it wouldn’t get mention in the Star.

    • UCSPanther

      The way that they are doubling down shows me that they are afraid that people are seeing the truth.

      I’m sure Pravda was pulling all sorts of gymnastics with the narrative in the late 1980s when it became clear that the Soviet empire was not long for the world…

  • pdxnag

    Deviance from the Fascist Left is itself enough to give ultimate offense, no actual violence is required.

  • Tanya

    How about every Islamic terrorist that gets killed is buried up to their eyeballs in pigs offal. They will think twice about it then.

  • simus1

    I miss the old time red propagandists.
    There was a naive earnestness when they scribbled on and on about liquidating all plutocrats and enemies of the people.
    Today replaced by incompetent marxist illiterates full of bullshit

  • Those baby-eaters at Planned Parenthood will tell any lie.

  • Millie_Woods

    Muslim terror is left wing terror by proxy.