Nuclear power is green

As I’m writing this, nuclear power is supplying 63.3% of Ontario’s energy needs and is the main reason — along with natural gas — that Ontario was able to end its reliance on coal-fired electricity last year.

Just over a decade ago, electricity from coal — the most carbon intensive and polluting fossil fuel — supplied a quarter of Ontario’s power needs.

There is no way the Dalton McGuinty-Kathleen Wynne Liberal governments could have eliminated coal in one of the largest air pollution and greenhouse-gas reducing projects ever in North America — without nuclear power

  • mauser 98

    endless lies
    Abengoa, the Spanish company that built Arizona’s largest solar power plant, is facing a possible liquidation of its assets through bankruptcy
    ..will be Spains largest bankruptcy

  • ontario john

    And Bruce Nuclear, is spending billions on upgrading the reactors and creating 23000 new jobs. How many jobs has wind turbines created? The only thing wind turbines and solar energy has created is massive hydro rate increases, cluttered ugly landscapes and money to fill the pockets of Wynne’s friends. And soon she will be taking the last of our money through her carbon tax scam. At least the rest of the country can enjoy the Ontario experience, now that Ontario Liberal aides have all flocked to Ottawa to help Turdeau.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    The f***ing morons are paying big bucks to keep Thunder Bay G.S. running for a mere 5 days a year, burning Norweegiann wood pellets, and naturally, serial bancrupcy loser, city councillor Ian Angus, who f***ed his creditors in the ass TWICE so far…he thinks it’s a real great idea….keeping 100 well-fed and watered Hydro One employees up here in what is now referred to locally as “Toilet Bay”….

    • simus1

      That sounds almost as corrupt, silly, and wasteful as Europe.

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