Mog’s Christmas Calamity

Sainsbury’s Christmas Advert. h/t RM

And now… The Walking Dead Zombie Cat!

Walking Dead Zombie Cat

  • simus1

    It seems obvious that those felines with type A personalities walk upright much of the time when there are no humans around to observe them.

  • Apparently it’s based on these books:

    In the last book of the series, Goodbye, Mog, Mog dies 🙁

    A little while ago I was reading to some kids. Some of these children’s books are heartrending. Charlotte’s Web emotional territory. More than one I, who never cry, was on the verge of tears. The little brutes didn’t seem particularly moved.

  • eMan14

    Wonderful Fun… Egg Mog for everyone!!!

  • Doug Kursk

    The lack of cultural enricheners in this short is quite pleasing at Christmas…

    • marty_p

      Canadian media would never show a short like that. No visible minorities, no Muslims, no Blacks, no handicapped and no same sex neighbours.

  • Jay Currie

    You people keep speaking of “Christmas”…There is a warm place in a corridor of a Human Rights Commission for people asserting that sort of Christian privilege. “Winter Holiday” people…get with the program. No trees, no Santa and, above all, none of this Christ…mas stuff.

    Next you’ll be getting the Spring Festival with the Rabbits conflated with the mythical Resurrection. It’s a slippery slope. So just stop it.

  • disqusW6sf

    A rat dressed up as a cat–it’s the tail.