Isil fundraiser flees UK despite terror watch

A senior fundraiser for Islamic State under a strict counter-terrorism order has managed to flee the UK to join jihadists in Syria.

Mohammed Khaled, 45, who lived in west London, had been placed on a terror sanctions list and had his assets frozen. The security services believed Khaled was using his London base to raise tens of thousands of pounds for Isil.

Khaled’s disappearance, despite his high profile status on the sanctions list, raises serious questions about the ability of UK authorities to keep control over Britain’s borders.

  • Brenda

    Is this a bad thing? I say let them all go to Syria, where hopefully a bomb will land right on them.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Britain is far from the only country whose authorities have problems controlling its borders.

  • cdnmohamhater

    he’ll show up in a hostage beheading video soon enough

  • Raymond Cameron

    He will come back as a refugee…

    • bob e

      ha ha .. you ain’t lyin’ bruv ..

  • simus1

    The refugees arriving in Europe who have some sort of construction trades experience should receive priority.
    For being hired to participate in a crash program building internment camps.