How do you say Ass-Backwards in German?

Germany deports man for fighting against Isis

An Australian man who reportedly joined a group fighting Islamic State jihadists in Syria will be deported from Germany, the foreign ministry said on Saturday.

  • BillyHW

    An ISIS fighter would be given a nice house, a hefty welfare paycheque, and a fraulein to rape over and over and over again.

  • simus1

    The backsliding muslim soccer referee story is much more concerning.
    Concern #1 – All devout muslims are well aware the finest minds have declared that soccer is haram because handsome male athletes in their skimpy outfits can lead to impure thoughts in both men and women viewing the game, let alone the games participants.
    Concern #2 – Accepting direction to officiate at a girls soccer game other than one solely made up of his close blood relatives. Which in any case should never take place without bourkhas being worn. See Concern #1.
    Concern #3 – While most of the players shown have made some small attempt to abide by sharia law, there is one blatant offender flaunting her bare knees in his presence. He should have immediately demanded she either consent to become his wife (so her immodesty would be brought under proper control) if found to be intact, or if otherwise, be raped and stoned to death.