Finland: Rape statistics and migrant violence debate

Finland near top of EU violence statistics

A colourful map shows that Finland is one of the top countries in the EU for incidents of violence against women. Using figures from the European Agency for Fundamental Rights, some 47 percent of women in Finland have experienced violence at some point in their lives since the age of 15.

The only other country in the EU with a higher percentage is Denmark, with 52 percent. Among the lowest percentages of violence against women were in Hungary (21 percent), Ireland (15 percent) and Austria (13 percent).

Citing Helsinki University’s Institute of Criminology and Legal Policy figures, the paper writes that incidents of reported rapes by immigrants were about eight times higher than that of native Finns. The paper also writes that the most reported rapes were committed by people from the Middle East and Northern Africa.


Don’t worry an academic chimes in with a root causes explanation…

  • Gary

    The map of Toronto for the crime Stats makes it clear that the highest rates for rape just happen to be in the areas with the highest population for muslims.
    But don’t tell a Liberal that , they’re still in shock that the SB slaughter had a women as a terrorist killer as if it is the first one in history .

  • terrence

    surprise, SURPRISE -mooslimes treating woman badly – just like tells them too.

  • Observer

    Since this is December 6, let’s mention something that the MSM and feminists won’t.

    Marc Lepine who killed 14 women, and injured 10 women and 4 men, was born with the name Gamil Rodrigue Liass Gharbi.

    Anytime I bring up that piece of information to a feminist who throws the December 6 murders in my face for my “crime” of being a male, they refuse to acknowledge it and insist he was “100% a white male”. I guess that would have been a surprise to his Algerian father.

  • B__2

    “There are bigger differences between different immigrant groups than there are between the majority of [Finland’s] population and migrants as a whole,”
    So if this academic is correct, there are two possibilities for the extremely high rape and violence statistics:
    a) the incidence amongst immigrant groups differs greatly between these groups, meaning that some groups would have to have an even higher propensity to rape and assault in order to counteract a lower propensity by other groups. Identification then removal, permanent inprisonment or the death penalty of these groups would thus make Finland again a safe place, or
    b) as a whole, the rape and assault rates is relatively consistent amongst immigrant groups. We must then ask ourselves, “What is the common factor between these groups that makes them more dangerous to Finnish natives? Would it be religion and the culture surrounding that religion?” If it is, then Finland must, for the sake of its people, stop importing those immigrants who share the common factors that lead to these crimes, and offer incentives for those already there to leave.

    Either way, the responsibility of any government is to safeguard the health and safety of its people, and this means that immigration must be tightly restricted if not stopped altogether.

  • Blacksmith

    Finland following in Sweden’s footsteps?

  • Hard Little Machine

    Good. Let Europe incinerate.

  • Brian Jones

    Being a big glam rock fan, I’ve always been partial to an old Finnish band, Hanoi Rocks.

    A few years back I stumbled on something related to their lead guitarist/songwriter Andy McCoy’s missus, an American woman who I think was supposedly Johnny Thunders’ cousin and formerly Guns N Roses’ Izzy Stradlin’s girlfriend. Anyway, she and Andy moved back to Helsinki many years ago where he’s a local celebrity and they had a reality TV show, the whole 9 yards.

    And of course, as all minor celebrity wives, Mrs. McCoy has a nice useless humanitarian cause, and it turns out to be women’s self-defense.

    Here’s where it gets hilariously deluded: a while back I read something talking about some group she represents which makes it quite clear in their mission statement that the point is to defend, but not to attack or cause harm. Which seemed a weird phrasing to me, and who in their right mind gives a damn about not harming someone attacking them… until I recalled all the American leftists whose dedication to gun control is so extreme they’d rather see a woman raped or killed than able to shoot her attacker.

    Now, perhaps that’s not a fair representation of whichever self-defense program it is (after all, a lot of the fan sites for these Euro bands are poorly translated into English) but it seems to me emblematic of stats like we have here: there’s a serious problem that has known solutions but delusional pacifist ideology prevents anyone from admitting that so we get idiotic “self-defense” suggestions for our girls.

    I wonder if over in Finland the girls are told to pee their pants to repel rapists or hold their house keys poking out between their fingers like they are on North American campuses.

    I also wonder if the Finns might ever get their backbones back and stop following the idiot Swedes’ lead into self-destruction, start kicking their parasites out and start packing heat to protect themselves, but I don’t hold out much hope for that.