Assad says British bombing in Syria will fail, ridicules PM Cameron

Assad ridiculed Cameron’s assertion that there are as many as 70,000 Western-backed opposition fighters in Syria who would open a political solution to the civil war and could retake territory from jihadists weakened by the air strikes.

“This is a new episode in a long series of David Cameron’s classical farce … where are they? Where are the 70,000 moderates he is talking about? There is no 70,000. There is no 7,000.”

  • Ho Hum

    Here is the full text of the interview with Assad

    Every time I see Assad speak I am impressed with how reasonable and level-headed he appears. He is probably one of the few sane leaders in the region and yet it the top priority of Obama and his Muslim Brotherhood allies to topple Assad?

    • Well Obama is on meds.

      • terrence

        If he is NOT on meds, he SHOULD BE!

  • Everyone Else

    Until the jihadists went after Assad 4 years ago he ran an inclusive regime where Christians and other minorities lived in peace. Because he was attacked by Obama’s mid-East army he’s been turned into the devil by Obama’s media.

    • Ho Hum

      Exactly! And it was Obama who stirred up the internal descent against Assad.

      It started back in 2009 with a covert operation called “Behavioral Reform” which was designed to stir up internal descent within Syria. The existence of this program was revealed in a Wikileaks:

      Beyond “Behavioral Reform” we know that Obama and his Muslim Brotherhood Allies armed and funded the Islamist rebels.

      Assad reacted the only way he could when under attack from foreign funded terrorists within his own country. Of course civilians have been killed.
      That unavoidable in a civil war where the insurgents are embedded within the general population. Assad’s “barrel” bombing insurgents positions within Syria is no different from Israel bombing Hamas positions in Gaza. Both are necessary and unavoidable even if they result in civilian causalities.

      Ultimately the responsibility for the civilian deaths in Syria – and all the human misery lies with the homicidal war criminal Barack Hussein Obama along with his Arab State allies and Turkey.

  • simus1

    Assad calling England’s “primus inter pares” idiot vote whore Cameron to account is like shooting fish in a barrel.