The liberal racism faced by ex-Muslims

It’s hard not to admire the steadfastness of someone like Maryam Namazie. The flack this ex-Muslim, secularist campaigner receives from Islamist nutjobs is surely tough to deal with. Namazie regularly has her speeches interrupted, picketed and banned. This week was no exception, when a talk she was due to give at Goldsmiths University in London was disrupted by members of the Islamic Society. During her talk, they tried to shout over her and turned off her PowerPoint presentation – one member has even been accused of making a death threat. This all came after an unsuccessful campaign to have her talk cancelled.

  • AlexanderGalt

    With all the verbal diarrhoea the MSM have treated us to over the San Bernadino massacre they missed (as usual) the key point.

    “Murdering infidels is what some GOOD Muslims do.

    Syed and Tashfeen are in Muslim heaven now if what Muslims believe about allah is true.

    Good piece on this fascistic religion at :

    • Indeed it is.

      • AlexanderGalt

        Watch out such an opinion is a hate crime these days!

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    People who are confident in their beliefs ignore the guy on the soapbox in the town square.