Sharia courts in Britain lock women into ‘marital captivity’, study says

Machteld Zee, a legal scholar at Leiden University in the Netherlands, secured extraordinary access to the secretive courts, attending 15 hours of hearings at the Islamic Sharia Council in Leyton, east London, and the Birmingham Central Mosque Sharia. She was able to scrutinise more than a dozen cases, and interview an array of sharia experts including nine qadis – Islamic judges.

“There are, in fact, two separate legal orders functioning [in the UK], of which one currently operates in the ‘shadow of the law’,” she concludes.

During research for her book Choosing Sharia? Multiculturalism, Islamic Fundamentalism and British Sharia Councils, she reportedly saw:

  • A case where a woman who claimed to be married to a physically and verbally abusive man is told by a “laughing” judge: “Why did you marry such a person?”
  • A woman “ready to burst into tears” is sent away without an answer after saying that her husband took out a loan in her name on the day they married and is denying her a divorce until she gives him £10,000.
  • A married couple asking for advice on whether the woman had been religiously divorced from her former husband were told “the secular divorce counts as nothing”.

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  • Norman_In_New_York

    Archbishop Williams is a religious quack.

  • Well, what is Britain doing about it?

    • PoliWach

      Same as all leaders of western nations……NOTHING!

      • Then these events are nothing more than bits of tedium. Why watch and wait for something sane to happen?

    • canminuteman

      I couldn’t care less what pakis do to each other in either pakistan or Britain.

  • pettifog

    If these women in Britain decide they want to live under the control of a medieval religion and voluntarily live by its rules, what do I care? Maybe they’ll realize they should go to a real court and leave that idiotic culture.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Their country, their culture, their problem.