Gates and Soros Versus the World’s Poor

Extremely wealthy radical left-wingers like George Soros are busy at the Paris enviro-summit right now plotting to fatten their already bulging wallets by keeping billions of people worldwide powerless, sick, and poor.

Soros and his fellow investors on the “clean energy” bandwagon want to cut carbon dioxide emissions down to zero, a move that will necessarily condemn hundreds of millions of people in developing countries to prolonged misery and death.

  • Reader
  • tom_billesley

    There’s only one way for Gates and Soros to cut their carbon dioxide emissions to zero and that is to stop breathing.

    • I suspect they will do a Montgomery Burns

      • tom_billesley

        Seen this?
        ‘When I get married — whether it’s to a man or a woman…’ my 11-year-old niece told her grandpa the other day. But I don’t think she thinks she’s a budding lesbian (would she even know at that age?).
        It’s just the way she has been taught to think at her impeccably right-on school in the People’s Republic of Brighton.

        • That’s what I worry about — my grandkids (they already f**cked up my kids, so I’ve come to accept it as a lost cause). When I was their age, the biggest “existential” question I had to struggle with was how to adjust the banana seat on my bicycle just right — so I could pull perfect wheelies all the way down the block.

          • Alex

            As much as anything else it’s a crappy time to be a kid, nowadays.

  • WalterBannon

    soros should be charged with crimes against the humanity

    • Clausewitz

      Soros “is” a crime against humanity. He basically held the wallets of the Jews going to the gas chambers during WWII and kept all of the money for himself.

  • ntt1

    Its fine to bomb ISIS but what about a surgical strike on soros?. if ever a monster needed removing it is him. This asshole has created untold misery by playing currency games and is funding many enviro weenie groups not because he believes in their cause but invests instead in the chaos their activism causes western democracies, one cruise missile would apply true social justice to this totalitarian fascist.

    • I find myself missing the “good old fashioned” brand of Communism. You remember, back in the day when revolutionaries used to kidnap wealthy people like Soros, hold them ransom for all their money and give it to the poor. At least that was the ideal.

      • Shebel

        Now, Soros has managed to kidnap whole Counties and demand ransom under the guise of Climate change and pretend to give it to poor Countries.

        • ntt1

          turdo is eagerly in line to rip your productivity away and give billions to corruptocrats in the third world. Soros hopes to feed on the resulting economic turbulence.

  • canminuteman

    It won’t only be people in the developing world, it will be everybody.

    • Thank God nobody in the developing world will listen. And Governments there are not wallowing in money the way ours are — it will be unenforceable. I want to return to retire in the third world to get respite from all this madness. Hopefully somebody will hire me to run a local “Global Warming” office financed by these dimwits — I plan to divert as much funding as possible to development that actually helps the poor. So long as I keep lots of “green” looking posters hanging in the office and pretend to be reducing “carbon footprints” (I’ll wear sandals whenever auditors pay a visit), should be able to pull it off. Image is more important than substance to these dimwits anyway.

      Actually, it would be nice to start a business to help other retirees relocate to the third world — your buck is worth two to four times more. And you won’t be stuck in the Communist Republic of Canada under Trudeau, worrying about when his bureaucrats are going to come around to evaluate you as a candidate for euthanasia.

  • mauser 98

    George Soros King Coal..
    ..”Even though he has spent millions in climate change research, billionaire George Soros has decided to invest in coal”
    ..purchase of shares of Peabody Energy Corporation (NYSE:BTU) and Arch Coal Inc (NYSE:ACI),

    • DVult

      First he works to drive down the value of coal assets then he buys them up cheap then suddenly clean coal becomes our saviour.

      • mauser 98

        Obama his frontman,stooge.. complicit in deal

        Barry said he will bankrupt coal and it’s users

  • Shebel

    There has to a very special place in HELL for people like George Soros.
    He understands the Countries ,he understands the Leaders , he understands the people.
    He absolutely knows that if he can Purchase everyone of Importance and Power to agree with him by transferring money and POWER to them , just as long as they can manipulate their ignorant masses by nonsense like ‘Saving the Planet’.

    It works.