Belgian police issue photos of two new Paris attack suspects who both used fake ID cards

Belgian authorities are searching for two new suspects in the Paris attacks investigation, both of whom used fake identity cards.

The Belgian Federal Prosecutor’s office said the men, carrying bogus IDs with the names of Samir Bouzid and Soufiane Kayal, were travelling in a Mercedes with another at-large suspect, Salah Abdeslam, when the car was checked on September 9 at the Hungarian-Austrian border.

The Kayal identity was used to rent a house in the Belgian town of Auvelais that authorities searched as a possible site for making the suicide bombs used in the November 13 attacks in Paris.

  • Xavier

    Remember when you were a school child – when the teacher couldn’t figure out who had done something wrong she punished the entire class.


    Extra credit: why does this approach work?

  • cdnmohamhater

    and you can bet your white asses that their real names are ahmed mohamed and mohamed ahmed