You’ll soon miss Harper — trust me

I suspect a lot of Canadians will soon be fondly remembering Stephen Harper’s time on the international stage.

Harper wasn’t particularly photogenic.

People were more likely to ask him to take their picture than to cuddle up to him for a selfie.

But he was a serious player on foreign affairs.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Harper’s hair was literally worse than Hitler’s hair!

    • mauser 98

      replaced by this sack of filth

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        California has more people and a larger tax base than ALL of Canada.
        One province with MORE debt than California is actually pretty damn scary.
        That’s an apocalyptic level doom awaiting in the wings.

        • mauser 98

          public sector unions get endless pay raises ,golden pensions… biggest part of it.
          Ont. gubmint employs 10 to 12% of population.
          death spiral
          Ont. could have bought electricity from Quebec at 4cents/Kw hour
          no…we want green energy ,,bird kill death windmills power costs 85cents/Kw hour
          … and lots more insanity
          but our gay pride parades are fabulous!

          • Rosenmops

            Just wait until Justine Turdough shuts down the productive economies in the provinces that are keeping Ontario and Quebec afloat. The whole country will be have-not.

          • mauser 98

            yes …he will do it.. on way now with carbon tax scam
            business will flee to 3rd world

          • Maggat

            I’ve copied and placed this entire thread, on my desk top titled “Open Oct 19 For the Next Four Years.” I’ll be able to read it and weep.

          • Brian Jones

            With an assist from Notley.

    • African

      The only reason why I didn’t like Harper is that he hated Vladimir Putin: Supreme Commander-in-Chief. Watch:

      • Maggat

        Yes that was a bit of a conundrum. I felt one of the very few mistakes Mr. Harper made was his infatuation with Ukraine. Oh well, I can only hope our economy can hold together to keep me in popcorn and beer as the next for years goes by, hopefully in a blur.

  • Already do.

    • Yup.

    • zee

      me too 🙁

      • Canada will have to live with the fact that it elected a total moron who can’t speak for himself over a guy who could.

    • Maggat

      Yup, sure as hell do!

    • mauser 98


  • granny47

    Yes, I miss him!

    • k1962

      Me too 🙁

  • kkruger71

    For the most part the shrill people that voted for Trudeau won’t. Part of the pathology of the left is never admitting you were wrong, and the media will keep the rest of the uninformed in check. No matter how bad Trudeau screws up, they will couch any criticism by going on at length about how Harper was worse.

    • Oracle9

      The science of denial, or the backfire effect. Reason becomes suffused with emotion and causes those with bad ideas to double down on their delusions.

      This happens regardless of which side of an argument you are on, but feel-good policies are certainly resulting in a crop of insane leaders in Western democracies.

      Harper was the last of the sane ones. We keep hearing that conservative leaders are gaining popularity in Europe but they seem never to get elected.

    • Surele Surele

      One of my friends, who voted for Justin, is already regretting her decision. Her motive was ‘get rid of Harper’ as if… (rolling eyes, me) She is already paying for it, we all do. Literary and morally.

      • Waffle

        You’re still friends? Did you ever ask her why she wanted to get rid of Harper — one teeny, tiny little reason?

        • Surele Surele

          Her daughter was “forced” to look for a job in the States. It’s all because of Harper. Never occurred to her, that perhaps her daughter just wanted to move? or there was a job opportunity, she just couldn’t resist? or, just plainly, young people like to move around. NO; Harper caused her only daughter to more down South. Phhiii.
          And, yes we still have friends, albeit their number is diminishing as we speak.

          • Waffle

            Well, at least she had somewhat of a reason Hey, they’re still blaming Mike Harris for all that ails Ontario. My former Liberal-progressive friends were so consumed by irrational hate they got angry when I asked what their reasoning was.

            I say a prayer everyday for my virtual friends on BCF and FB because I get physically ill around brainwashed, unthinking sheeples. Oh, and also for the cat. He is the least progressive puss-on I know.

    • moraywatson

      Today’s Globe and Mail is a perfect illustration of what you speak. The entire first section was socialist trash. I buy it once a week on Saturday because of the puzzle page, and as a bonus it is by FAR the best newspaper for lighting the woodstove in the morning.

    • Brian Jones

      Trudeau won’t screw up, rather any bad outcomes will somehow be the fault of conditions Harper set up that blocked Trudeau’s new policies from being able to succeed as planned.

      Just like they’re all still blaming Bush for Obama’s screw ups.

  • Doug Kursk

    A very decent man. An even better PM.

  • andycanuck

    Just a reminder for the next four anniversaries of the day Justin was sworn in as P.M.

    As of November 4, 2015 [most figures from Latest indicators from Stats Canada]:
    +CPI annual inflation (September 2015): 1.0%
    +Unemployment rate (September 2015): 7.1%
    +Employment (September 2015): 17,978,000 persons [Population 35,676,770]
    +Wages/Earnings (C$ SA; August 2015): $947.12
    +GDP: $1,550,057,000,000
    +National Debt: US dollars $810-billion [then current November 4th Cdn dollar: C$1.063-trillion]
    +Federal Budget Deficit: +$1.9 billion surplus [2014-2015 ending Sept.14 /15 from RBC data]
    +Canadian dollar ¢76 US
    +Federal Carbon Tax 0%
    +GST 5%

    • Yeah, these figures will seem like dreamy in a brief while.

      • andycanuck

        With the NDP about to wipe out Alberta so there will be no boost from there to help Justin, I’m sure unemployment will be pushing 15% by 2019.

        The only thing I can’t see massively changing is interest rates because every central bank in the world knows that raising interest would wipe out every business and nation in the industrial world and alot of individuals.

    • Waffle

      Dec. 5 — 1 month and 1 day later, CDN $ now down to $.742 US and dropping. Source: Canadian Snowbird Currency Exchange Rate (best retail rate available).

  • Trudeau is already, like a good dhimmi, appointing jihadists in positions of influence:

    Is Trudeau’s new Foreign Minister Secretary a Hamas backer?
    Omar Alghabra headed radical group that ran afoul of state for Hamas support; he slammed ‘brutal occupation’ and lauded Arafat.

  • Shebel

    I miss Harper because now I have to listen to luvvy ,duvvy speeches telling me that every thing the PM does is the ‘Right thing to do’ and Canadians Demand it.

    So far ,Justin. you have done all the Wrong things and Canadians Don’t demand it.

    Some of us actually care about what is good Canada and Not so much about how ‘GOOD’ You want to look to our enemies.

  • Edubeat

    Yes but we have Justinian’s two nannies to protect us just in case ISIS invades Brampton..